Awesome, amazing and unapologetic;Chrome Chronicles meets Dan Rosen!

If you’re a poler from the U.K. you’ll instantly recognise the name “Dan Rosen.” Having been poling for almost ten years, Dan is now the proud owner of IFA Pole and Aerial fitness and teaches workshops both in the UK and internationally, as well as judging many of the UK’s leading pole competitions such as Pole Theatre, Miss Pole Dance UK and UKPPC (fucking hell I’m amazed he has time to wipe his ass!)

Despite his crazy schedule, Dan managed to find the time for a quick interview with Chrome Chronicles! As one of his loyal Instagram followers/stalkers, I couldn’t wait to ask him a few questions…

  1. Let’s start right at the beginning, what made you start pole?

Nothing crazy to tell you unfortunately. I was in a club on a night out which had poles and I saw a girl doing some cool moves. I asked her to teach me some stuff. I was completely hooked from that point on. I went to classes and the rest they say is history.

  1. You’re quite the jack of all trades when it comes to pole styles and can bust out both classique routines and arty, emotional pieces. Would you say that you have a favourite style that you love to perform?

Genuinely I love all the styles. I hate to attach myself to one style. How boring must that be? I love being versatile and being able to do all the different styles. It’s probably one of the main reasons I haven’t fallen out of love with pole. I would say I have more passion for the tricks than the dance but there isn’t to say that you can’t make a trick dancey as well.

  1. If you have one, what is your nemesis move?

A move called Icarina. I can do it but it just does not like me and I hate it. It hurts my hip and whenever I teach it I just demo it from the floor. Horrible mean move!

  1. What is your favourite move?

I love a jade split. It’s a classic and looks so beautiful on spinny pole.

  1. When did you decide you wanted to throw in the towel with your day job and become a pole instructor?

I had started to win a few competitions and decided to start teaching for one of my friends. I then realised there were no pole classes in the town I lived in. I decided to start my own classes and see how it went. I started with one night a week, which turned into two, which turned into three. At this point I went part time at work and then eventually just left as I was so busy teaching. I have a lot of people come to me for privates also during the day. I’m probably busier now than I was when I had a full time job. Its madness!

  1. What’s the weirdest shit you’ve encountered as a pole instructor?

I had a student who couldn’t come back to pole once because her husband wouldn’t allow her to be taught by a man! LIKE SERIOUSLY… HAS HE SEEN MY INSTAGRAM!? I’m the GAYEST least intimidating man ever. It was so weird and such a shame as she was lovely. But hey. Not a lot I could do. But it makes me sad still even to this day.

  1. How would you describe your teaching style?

I would describe it as awesome, amazing, abusive, unapologetic, hard core and awesome. Shit I said awesome twice. But it’s true. HAHA. No seriously I put so much passion and energy into my teaching that I always like to try and get the best out of people even on a shit day.

  1. Could you see your career heading off in a different direction and teaching other styles of dance as well as or instead of pole?

I hope that this is what I do until I literally can’t anymore. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I can imagine as I get older I will become more of a “coach” that will help choreograph etc for the elite pole dancers of the future.

  1. What makes a great pole student as opposed to one who is a pain in the ass to teach?

Just do as your teacher tells you. If you teacher starts teaching something and you are talking. Just stop talking. It’s so easy haha. Just don’t be a pain. Teaching is hard so when students start to be naughty and disruptive it becomes so annoying. Just do as the teacher tells you because they have your best interests at heart.

  1. You run the well-known, UK national pole competition Heir to the Chrome. In all honesty, how stressful is putting on a competition and how do you manage it without having a meltdown?

First of all, I don’t run it. I wish I could take the credit. My amazing boyfriend Mitch does and he is amazing. I just turn up on the day and take all the credit. It’s amazing. Haha. But he does such a good job. We are passionate about making a platform for non-professional pole dancers to compete on and I feel that’s what we have achieved.

  1. What do you love to see in a pole performance? Are you a lover of flexibility for example or are you a sucker for a strong theme in a routine?

I love a balance. I want to see a nice theme, a nice style of dance, some cool tricks and some awesome floor work. Give a variation of everything and make it your own. I like creativity. It’s all about trying to find cool and interesting ways in and out of things. Everyone can do a Gemini now but it’s what you do with the Gemini which makes its awesome to watch!

  1. Who in the pole community inspires you?

Marlo inspires me. To have a mind like her would be a dream to me. Same with Yvonne Smink. Like wow these women are game changers. Some of the things these girls create are amazing and to even be able to think as creatively as them would be a dream.

  1. Do you have anything left on your pole bucket list that you would like to achieve?

I would like to do a couple more competitions before I give up on competing. I’m going to compete for a few more years I think and then maybe stop. Competing has such a hard impact on my body so I think it’s probably best that I take it easy but I love to compete to give myself something to work towards.

If you want to find out more about Mr Rosen, check out his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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