360 Pole Dancing’s Awesome Spring Show

WE FUCKING DID IT! On Saturday 29 April, once again my beloved pole family delivered big time and smashed out another epic showcase (see the sea of spreadies above). Under the helpful eyes of our mother hen Robyn,  the “Covered/Uncovered” show (our theme was cover songs, clever right?!) happened pretty much faultlessly.

Now here’s the emo bit, this show struck a chord with me especially as every performer showed just how much they have improved as dancers in this show. And no this isn’t some cheesy, “you’re all winners” bullshit, this is a cold hard fact that anyone who was in the audience that night will know. No matter what level my pole sisters and brother are at, everyone galloped full speed out of their comfort zones like a pack of wild show ponies and delivered in ways they haven’t done before. Seriously, not one person played it safe with their routine this time around.

First off, shout out to all who lost their performance cherry at the show. Committing to performing in a show and practicing your routine until you’re dancing it in your sleep is one thing, but getting up on that stage on your own and busting out your routine takes a shite tonne of guts. There’s no one up there with you, the stage lights have you lit up like fucking Vegas strip and every eye in the audience is on you. Yes it’s one of the most fun and confidence boosting experiences you will have but JESUS OF NAZARETH the final 12 hours before you get up on that stage consists of the smell of shat pants (sexy I know). So you first timers all deserve a massive pat on the back for having the ovaries (and balls) to get up there and smash it.

As well as the first timers, there were also a bunch of performers who massively upped the filth factor in their performances this year. The costumes were considerably smaller (seriously, there was ass for days), the Pleasers were a good inch or two higher and the sex faces were out in full force. Those of us who were lucky enough to grab a spot in the wet seats (the front row on the floor slap bang in front of the stage) definitely got moister than oysters on several occasions that evening!

As well as the sexpots, there were also another group of us who put our heads on the chopping block this time around and upped the technicality of our routines. Personally, (because fuck it if you can’t give yourself a well done on your own blog then where the bloody hell can you) I felt dead chuffed with my routine, as I included three different aerial combos that I hadn’t performed before, in my heels, two from aerial inverts. Yay! But anyway enough about my ugly mug, so many performers annihilated the stage with Shoulder Mounts, Jade splits, Extended Butterflies, Extreme Scorpios, Aerial flags, one handed fucking cartwheels, Ayesha’s and many more big guns came flying out of the bag. Upping the ante in your routine, when you have no crash mat underneath you and an audience sat watching your every move is no easy feat, so well done again pole family!

This year’s Spring showcase was a fucking corker. Everything from the filthy floorwork, awe inspiring, acrobatic routines, sensational stripping, the twerk off (which I managed to win. Booya) and downright sexual frenzy that was the finale was fucking sweet. I am immensely proud of everyone one of my pole siblings who performed, those who helped out and of course our fantastic instructors Robyn and Anna. Well done again guys! Bring on our Halloween show! *Gives everyone a humungous high five*

PS-Huge shout out to my OG Jess Moore, for being a fantastic photographer and capturing the best moments of the night. We love you babe.

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