About Chrome Chronicles


Well hello there!

I’m the dickhead hanging upside down (in case you hadn’t cottoned on) and thank you for visiting my glorious little blog Chrome Chronicles!

I’ve been pole dancing now for three years at the fabulous Maya Dance and Fitness in Bristol, UK. I love pole and I love writing so I thought fuck it I might as well start a blog documenting my adventures in the pole world.

Please note; I don’t take myself seriously at all and I am an amateur dancer at best, so don’t expect some serious essays about how to get into a Rainbow Marchenko or how to get a perfectly flat Jade split. You can instead expect lots of random outbursts ranting at my stiff shoulders, why my hip flexors are shut more firmly than a nun’s legs and plenty of shameless adoration posts about my pole idols.Basically this is very much a blog for your average lass who loves a good pole (giggity).

If you’re bowled over in amazement with this blog, you can also hit me up on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook .

I hope you like what you read!

PS- I swear a hell of a lot. Sorry not sorry.

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