Hoodlum Fang

Chrome Chronicles is delighted to announce that it is the very proud brand ambassador to the awesome Hoodlum Fang!

Hoodlum Fang is a bright and colourful brand,complete with unique prints and classic pole and fitness wear designs. As a Hoodlum Fang customer/superfan for years, I can confirm that each garment is of the highest quality and handmade beautifully by the brains behind this fabulous brand Chloe Hood.

As mentioned above, Hoodlum Fang is renowned for its wide variety of prints that customers have to chose from when shopping. Each print is digitally designed (how clever!) in house by Chloe, who will also create custom prints for even more unique, bespoke items.

Hoodlum Fang was created from Chloe’s desire to find fitness wear that was fully functional for training and looked cracking in the process. Equipped with the expert sewing skills she had mastered at university, Chloe quickly began to craft her own fitness wear to fit her shape and Hoodlum Fang was born, woohoo!

Hoodlum Fang collage
Five years on and Hoodlum Fang now thrives in the Pole Dance community, with ace new pole and fitness wear being created for an ever growing community of customers and even hosting hot as hell showcases too.

I wanted to work with Hoodlum Fang especially because they’re a fully inclusive polewear brand, who cater for all shapes and sizes, from standard sizes to custom fit, which are available at no extra cost. Hoodlum Fang’s ethos is boldness, confidence and strength for all people who want to get fit, do what they are love and also look badass while they do it. Trust me there really is something for everyone at Hoodlum Fang, from shorts for beginners who want security and function in their pole wear to the seasoned pole dancer who wants as much booty out as possible for maximum twerk effect (raises hand)!

Our fancy shcmancy discount code CHROMEFOX10 will get you a crafty 10% off with the mighty Hoodlum Fang so what are you waiting for? Head on over to Hoodlum Fang and treat yourself to some brand new pole wear goodies!