Tribal instincts: Chrome Chronicles meets TRIBE!

The word on quite literally every Bristol (and some beyond!) pole dancer’s lips has been “TRIBE.” Ever since an elusive series of Instagram post a few weeks ago, Instagram, Facebook and various other social media outlets have been going potty wondering who the brains behind TRIBE are, well look no further people! Your girl here at Chrome Chronicles busted out some savvy investigative journalist skills and tracked down TRIBE’s fabulous founders to get the scoop for on just who they are and their rather fucking exciting plans for an unmissable showcase taking place in April 2020.

So the question every Bristol pole dancer is asking- who are you all?

Ha ha, yes! We’ve heard that people are trying to work out who we are and have been pulling a Sherlock, messaging each other, trying to figure out who the maniacs behind the curtain are! Well, we are your people! Joking aside, we are three friends and ordinary pole dancers, Dana, Andre and Reggie. We met through pole maybe four years ago? And have been close friends ever since. Pole bonded us.

What do you love about the Bristol pole scene?

The Bristol pole scene is huge! It has so much to offer, so many talented instructors teaching a range of classes for different levels and styles. And Bristol polers are so friendly and welcoming.

Right, intro and small talk aside, lets get to it. What exactly is TRIBE?

We want to be really obnoxious here and say TRIBE is a culture! Well, that would be our vision and aim. To start, TRIBE is a pole dancing showcase for all and any pole dancers in Bristol and the region to perform. On another level, TRIBE is a community of like minded pole people. We wanted to create an event and a culture that would celebrate and connect all of the fabulous polers and studios in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Dani tribe

Reggie, one of the trio of TRIBE founders in a sassy extended butterfly!

Where did the name “TRIBE” come from?

Reggie’s head! We were trying to think of a name that clearly represented the vision of bringing together the pole community of Bristol and the region. ‘Tribe’ makes you think of a community of people who are of a similar ethos and protect each other from external threats. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the idea of the imagery and feelings that we thought the word, ‘Tribe’, conjures up. It’s also worth saying that we spent a lot of time picking the logo design too as we felt that the colours also represented our all inclusive TRIBE attitude. Dana designed so many versions of the logo and then we embarked on so many rounds of market research, we’re amazed that we have any friends, family and work colleagues left!

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What inspired you to create TRIBE? Where did the idea come from?

Well, it all started at Dana’s barbequeue back in June. We were having a reminisce about the last time we had all performed whilst enjoying a beer and a dirty burger and how much we loved it. It turned out that both Dana and Andre had toyed with the idea of creating an event that embraced all the pole dancers in Bristol. This obviously left a burning impression on Reggie as she then instigated proceedings and got the TRIBE together.

Andre Tribe

Andre, another TRIBE founder smashing it at Heir to the Chrome earlier this year.

When and where is your showcase taking place?

The showcase is Saturday 25th April and will be at the most fantastic Improv Theatre in Clifton, Bristol.

Who can register to perform in TRIBE?

As we said above, TRIBE is a pole dancing showcase for all and any pole dancers in Bristol and the region to perform. Our vision is to represent as many dancers as possible across the region, so therefore we want all levels from beginners to professionals to join TRIBE. We want all styles from contemporary to stripper style to join TRIBE. We want all studios and home polers to join TRIBE. Our only caveat is you need to be 18 plus.

Dana Tribe

TRIBE founder Dana rocking that pole at OMG!Bristol

What message do you have to any pole dancers who are considering performing in TRIBE’s first showcase?

Do it, send us your registration! You are the reason why we created this showcase in the first place. If you’re even thinking about performing, you should register, especially if you’ve never performed before. We encourage performers of all levels of experience, so if TRIBE has piqued your interest, go register now!

How are preparations for the showcase going?

Very well! It’s been such an exciting learning curve so far. As you all know, we’ve got the date and the venue sorted and registration is now open. It’s worth noting that none of us have done anything like this before, but in our professional life – our muggle life as we like to call it – we are highly skilled in; planning, organisation, communication, budget tracking, graphic design, and software developing. We are also blessed with an amazing mentor and friend, Pole World Festival founder and creator, Gem Heywood, whom we first reached out to just to make sure our idea wasn’t completely crazy! She has been so instrumental in getting TRIBE off the ground. We can’t thank her enough.

What do you hope to achieve from Tribe’s first showcase?

From the first showcase, of course, we want to host a great event. For everyone to enjoy themselves on the night, but most importantly, for polers across Bristol and the surrounding area to connect and strengthen the already amazing pole community that we have here. For the future performers, we want you to have fun! We want you to have the best time on that stage!
But we also want it to be more than just a showcase, we genuinely want to create a TRIBE for Bristol and the surrounding areas. A TRIBE where polers across the area can come together to network, support and celebrate each other.

Well what are you waiting for Bristol pole dancers, click here to register your details!

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