Why Pole Theatre Kicked Some Serious Ass

Last Saturday, my pole sisters and I went on a jolly along the M4 to Hertfordshire to support one of our fellow 360 Pole Sisters compete in one of the most famous national (well, international actually) competitions Pole Theatre UK Amateur 2017.

For those of you who are unsure what the exactly the wonder of Pole Theatre is, it is a competition that is comprised of four categories; Pole Art (whereby another style of dance is incorporated into the routine such as Ballet or Tango, fucking fancy right?), Pole drama (the routine has to tell a clear story), pole comedy (I’m not explaining that you) and Pole Classique (stripper style baby). These categories alone are one of the reasons why Pole Theatre is fucking banging as there’s something for everyone. No matter what style of pole you prefer, you’ll be able to compete in Pole Theatre. Or if competing isn’t your thing, there are will obviously be a performance guaranteed to rev your engine. For example, I’m a Classique pole kinda woman, and HAWT DAMN all the performances were so sexy I’m amazed my ovaries are still intact.

Anyway, Pole Theatre was also very inspiring as for me personally it added a whole new creative element to pole dance. It’s one thing to nail a move, but to nail a move and include it in a dance that manages to tell a story is bloody incredible. Like seriously, I can barely tell you what I’ve been up to at the weekend most of the time and there’s folk out there that can tell a full fucking story via the medium of pole dance. Pole dance! I am amazed. As someone who has a creative streak, seeing people tell stories and articulate a range of emotions via a style of dance that is bloody difficult and painful to learn is remarkable. If I had my way I would have given all the competitors medals (lol this is why I have never judged anything in my life).

Finally, Pole Theatre was epic because it featured competitors of all shapes, sizes and abilities up on that stage. As someone whose pole dancing skills are very much a work in progress, it was great to see performers who are also not yet experts kicking ass and owning the stage. We’re all guilty of watching videos of the pros on Instagram and YouTube and feeling like dog shite because we can’t do an Ayesha in a crazy grip, master a perfectly flat Jade or struggle with our flow and flexibility. Therefore it’s pretty inspiring to see dancers who are also still halfway through their pole journey proving that you don’t need to be perfect to be a complete fucking badass.

So yeah in short Pole Theatre Amateur 2017 was awesome, inspiring and brilliant. Huge shout out to my girl Sandra Gomes, for competing in the Classique category and making us all moister and oysters. You did so well babe! The Compere’s Tiff Finney and Sarah Scott did an epic job too and the all the competitors and guest performers were a right treat for the eyes. Long live Pole Theatre in all its glory!

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