Never underestimate the power of your pole friends

*DISCLAIMER- This is a rather soppy, emo blog all about the love I have for my pole family. Therefore it may be of a more pleasant nature than usual. Fear not, the usual grotesque vulgarity of Chrome Chronicles will resume next week*

I always find in life that when partake in something, the outcome is never quite what you expect. Well, it is for me anyway. Whenever I partake in something, even if in my mind I have explored all possible outcomes, it’s always outcome number 67 which I haven’t thought out which actually happens. Fucking hell I’m a dedicated Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire fan and I even didn’t get my prediction for the Battle of Bastards right. Anyway, I digress. Basically, when I started my pole adventure in January 2015, I was not expecting to receive from pole the epic outcome that I did, the best group of pole friends you could ever wish for.

My awesome pole family and I have been through a shitload together since our friendships formed two years ago. From timidly wandering into the studio for the first time through to supporting each other’s first showcase performances, cheering each other on in competitions, dishing out completely sound and not at all ridiculous relationship and life advice and just generally having each other’s backs no matter what happens, having the pole family in my life has enriched it no end. Having felt particularly proud and happy with my pole squad lately, I thought I would write this weeks’ blog on just what makes our pole friends extra specially awesome;

  1. They understand just how frustrating pole can be

We all know that pole is one of the greatest things on the planet, however not being able to nail a move after multiple attempts is enough to make you want to hack your limbs off and flog them on the black market (I’m currently on attempt number 208 for my Superman). As much as my friends, partner and family have all done their best at trying to condone me when I’ve hit a pole plateau, no one quite understands the infuriating hell of a pole struggle quite like your pole squad. They’ll motivate you, and understand your rantings better than anyone else and that’s one of the many reasons why they’re fucking awesome.

  1. Getting naked around each other is part of life

I believe you can’t truly be properly close pals with someone until you’ve seen them at least half naked in your lifetime. No, you don’t need to go exposing your flaps/willy to your buddies an attempt to validate your friendship, but a definite barrier is broken the first time you see a friend’s baps or bare arse at least. As a poler, boobs, vaginas and various other body parts that are otherwise kept under wraps are out and about for all to see, hell, it’s not uncommon to get your pole pals to help you tape your vagina in and vice versa if duty calls!

  1. Your pole friendships are guaranteed to transcend the pole/life barricade

Naturally, the more time you spend at pole classes, practices workshops etc, the more time you’ll end up spending with your glorious pole gang. This naturally results in doing normal, muggle related past times with your pole crew such as a good night on the piss, shopping (if that’s your sort of thing, I hate shopping and it can go eat a dick), festivals etc. In short, before you know it your pole family soon end up taking over your life and you’re more than okay with that.

Overall, your pole gang quickly go from becoming a bunch of girls and guys you enjoy going to a fitness/dance class with to infiltrating every aspect of your life. They’re pretty much the personification of glitter; they’re pretty, dazzling, make everything that bit much better and get absolutely bloody everywhere, and you wouldn’t have them any other way.

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