Filthy Friday’s Kinks and Fetishes online showcase

For years now I have been fan girling something savage over the awesomeness that is Beanie the Jet and the Filthy Friday phenomenon. I’ve been forever stalking my favourite performers who have graced the Filthy Friday stage, admiring their insane levels of sass, down right hotness and promising myself that one of these days I would pluck up the courage to join them.

Now, whilst  I’m working on my confidence to sign up to perform at Filthy Friday (my sex appeal is still very much a work in progress), I decided now was the time to join the party and attend one of their infamous showcases. Thanks to the obvious pandemic that’s still in full swing, the first Filthy Friday showcase that I attended was their Kinks and Fetishes online showcase that took place on Friday 27th November. I had never attended an online showcase before, so wasn’t too sure what to expect, but what a better place to start than with the utter badassery that is Filthy Friday right?

Well fuck me sideways it was a bloody great big party! There were a staggering 170 people all watching and barely any technical fuck ups either, and with that many people in attendance that is no easy feat! Right from the very start of the showcase the vibe and energy of the evening was bloody well top tier. Despite being sat in my bed, pj’s on with a glass of squash and a pot of olives to hand (next time I will be in glam mode and smashing a few bevvies like the rest of the utter babes at the showcase), I felt very much like I was at a full on party living my best life. Again this is not something I believed could be experienced via a Zoom call, but anything is possible with the magic of Filthy Friday.

One of the main elements about Filthy Friday that I loved was how supportive everyone was of each other.  Every single performer was hyped the fuck up like crazy, with pretty much all audience members and performers virtually cheering everyone on via Zoom’s chat function. Despite this being an online showcase, I was amazed at how much I felt the loving, supportive, fun and encouraging ethos of Filthy Friday. There was zero elitism, or any of that bullshit where certain performers are favoured over others, there was all the love to go round!

Also shit the bed each and every performer was straight up fire. They all took the Kinks and Fetishes theme and made it their own. There were masked performances, sexy nurses and even a unique Shibari routine from one of my pole idols Lauren Elise King (seriously, how the HELL does one pull off an epic floor and flow routine with their legs tied together?!) There was a wonderful variety of the many different styles of exotic pole on show too, from old school stripper style right through to modern, urban exotic. The dance nerd inside me was having a fucking field day watching them all believe me.

I don’t think it would be possible to talk about Filthy Friday though without addressing the brilliance that is its founder Beanie. As the compere for the night, Beanie had me in absolute fits with her hysterical, loud and vibrant energy. I can’t imagine being a compere to an online showcase is an easy task, but Beanie absolutely smashed it and lead the night like a total pro. Even though us audience members stayed on mute during the showcase (otherwise the noise levels would have been fucking wild) Beanie managed to get us all involved via twerk competitions, freestyle dance offs and dishing out cracking banter throughout that kept us entertained. Beanie if you’re reading this, you did a fabulous job hosting the showcase!

However, I think the main aspect to the Filthy Friday showcase that I loved the most is how inclusive and diverse the showcase is to literally everyone. Filthy Friday prides itself on being both Stripper and Sex Worker positive, which it definitely is, and a fully inclusive space for people of all races and genders to express themselves without fear of being silenced (I’m looking at you Zuckerberg you fucking dweeb). The Kinks and Fetishes showcase included performances from people of all shapes, genders, abilities and races, which in the sadly white and middle class industry that is pole dance is, is a fucking refreshing thing to see. Beanie being her awesome self also gave an empowering  speech to us all about the importance of having the courage to be yourself and make space for yourself within the pole dance industry, just like she did. So not only were us lucky audience members treated to some hot as fuck performances, but we got a massive self confidence boost too.

As the showcase sadly drew to an end (I wanted it to last for at least another four hours #thatswhatshesaid) I left feeling pumped, buzzing and inspired by such an awesome evening. A winning combination of hot as hell performances, Beanie’s banter and everyone’s positive, supportive energy left my usually grouchy self feeling rather quite jolly. If you haven’t seen a Filthy Friday showcase before, I strongly recommend you get off your arse do it, trust me you will not regret it!

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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