Chrome Chronicles does Bristol Pole Championships

For us West Country polers, the Bristol Pole Championships is quite the highlight of the pole calendar. As an honorary Bristolian (yeah I wasn’t born here but I’ve lived here for four years, fight me), seeing my lovely little city as the home of such a well organised, meticulously well run and all round fucking badass competition was a jolly good site. Before I get into the nitty gritty of what was awesome about Bristol Pole Championships, huge shout out to Kassia Portas and Laura Cocksedge for putting on another fantastic year of the Bristol Pole Championships. Cracking show ladies!

Right, the usual reasons why competitions are awesome were of course prominent at Bristol Pole Champs. There were a great variety of performances throughout the evening which always spices up a show. There were burlesque themed routines, gymnastic style routines, comedy and even a DC comics themed routine! Every competitor did not take their slot for granted and each whipped up stonking beast of a performance, so a collective pat on the back and a slap on the ass for each and every one of you.

Now, competition entries aside, as much as the dancing was next level fucking cracking, something else about this competition really gave me an awesome kick up the ass. When you think of a dance competition, well I don’t know about you but before starting my pole dancing adventure I would think of some scary bitches. The film Black Swan for example, where everyone trains for 4 billion hours a week, eats fucking kale and celery on toast (I like celery and kale, but they’re no mac and cheese are they?) and bugger all else and is out to get each other for the main role/ competition title.

Well Bristol Pole Championships absolutely shot that little judgemental notion I had of dance competitions out the window. I have never seen any competition before where the competitors are so damn nice and supportive to one another. I not only saw this on stage and at the competition, I have also seen backstage photos from the event where the girls and guys are hugging each other after they have performed, with huge, genuine smiles across their faces, all so happy for their new found friends. It’s beyond refreshing to see a sport which both encourages and causes so much joy, love and appreciation for another person in my opinion. Yet another reason why pole dance is the best fucking thing on this planet alongside dogs, Game of Thrones, Olives, whiskey and beer.

All in all Bristol Pole Champs was sick as fuck. Each and every one of the competitors pulled it out of the bag brilliantly, it takes serious guts to get up in front of a packed theatre and perform! The compere Gabrielle Parker did a great job, especially at hand standing in that dress and the love and support shone through from the pole community once again. Well done guys, it’s a yes from me!

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