Sunday Bumday has made Sunday my favourite day of the week

Following on from last week’s booty related blog, I have decided to maintain the focus on the butt (I’m actually very tempted to have an “Asstober” themed October here at Chrome Chronicles) and dedicate this week’s blog to the booty related joy that is Sunday Bumday!

I’m not sure where Sunday Bumday originated from (if you know, please enlighten us all in the comments!) or if it’s even exclusively a movement within the pole community, but it’s definitely our badass pole community that bought Sunday Bumday to my attention and made me an avid partaker. For those of you who are not sure what the fuck I am on about, basically every Sunday us pole dancers take a lovely picture of our arse and upload it to social media with the hashtag “#SundayBumday.” That’s pretty much it in all its bootylicious glory.

As you can imagine, there’s a fucking magnitude of reasons as to why I love Sunday Bumday. Firstly, because taking an awesome picture of one’s ass gives you one hell of confidence boost. In an age where we are constantly bombarded with all manner of body and beauty standards, loving your own body and all its features is so important. As Ru Paul says “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” My own ass is a tad on the larger side, wobbles like it’s just downed 8 Stella’s and has all manner of scars and cellulite decorating it, but it still can produce a mightily impressive bumday given the right, pose, angle and filter! I can honestly say that my body confidence and self-appreciation has shot up in the past few weeks since I have started embracing getting my ass out on a Sunday once again. We all need to get out there and own our bodies, and Sunday Bumday provides us with a fab opportunity to do so.

Another important reason for my love for good old bumday is because it makes social media a much more positive and happier place to be. Before anyone kicks off I do think it’s vital that we use social media for discussing more serious issues, such as politics, climate change etc and I like to partake in these conversations when I can, but fuck me it can all get very draining at times. Some days, opening Facebook and seeing post after post about how shit the world is can really put a dampener on your mood, so having a day when upon opening Facebook you’re instead presented with copious amounts of booty is literally a sight for sore eyes. As I said of course these serious issues need discussing, but there’s nothing wrong and a hell of a lot right with sharing some fabulous, body positivity with the internet and making the online world that bit more of a happier place to be.

Thirdly, both the variety and creativity of said butts you will see on a Sunday Bumday are nothing short of amazing. If you thought it just consisted of a bog standard picture of a booty (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) then you’re hugely mistaken. In my years spent as a bumday enthusiast, I have seen split bumdays, mid trick bumdays, handstand bumdays, public bumdays, bumdays out in nature, handstand bumdays out in nature, bumdays in the sea, bumdays underwater (I made one of those!) and bumdays just about everywhere. There’s also no limit to the amount of fabric you choose to cover (or uncover) your butt with either. The posterior possibilities are quite literally endless.

If you, like I was many moons ago, have been admiring the many, marvellous bumdays you have seen on social media and are debating posting your own, honestly do it! If the awesome freedom of expression and huge, self-confidence boost weren’t enough to persuade you, you’ll officially be making the internet a happier place. Go forth and conquer with your booty!

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