The wonder of Twerking

I cannot believe this is the first, official blog I have written on the subject of twerking. Seriously, I have had this little corner of the internet set up and dedicated to pole dancing and all its glorious components now since February 2017 and this is the first blog solely dedicated to the wonderful, booty shaking delight that is twerking. For fucks sake Foxen have a word with yourself. Time to get this rectified pronto!

I absolutely fucking love twerking in all ways, shapes and forms. Whether it’s filthy, horizontal floor fuckery, your standard, sexy twerk on the pole or some mental, upside down Shoulder Mount twerk action (my ultimate twerk goal) I think it’s awesome. If I’m watching a performance that has some grade A certified twerking going on, I’m instantly going to love it.

Probably the reason I adore twerking (well, booty shaking in general to be honest) is because it’s something dance related that low and behold I can actually do. THANK FUCK FOR THAT! I have often ranted and moaned throughout this blog about my limited pole abilities, and how I am neither hugely strong nor am I flexible at all, so to discover one aspect to pole dancing that I (almost) took naturally too was a massive confidence boost for me. Low and behold my great, wobbling booty was good for something besides being a portable, built in cushion! As I flicked my tail bone up and down shit moved in the way it was supposed to for once instead of taking me at least nine attempts to even remotely nail. Whoopee!

What is also so fucking amazing about twerking and shaking ones ass is that literally anyone can do it. As long as you have flesh on your backside (aka you’re a human being) you’ll be able to master the art of twerking, with enough practice and a fabulous teacher of course. My beautiful friend Patricia is an absolute motherfucking goddess when it comes to twerking, and teaches monthly “Twerkshops” at the brilliant Maya Dance and Fitness Studio where I train, so I’m fortunate enough to have a twerking pro on hand to guide me on my ass bouncing quest! Patricia’s workshops are both fun and in-depth, covering literally every variety of twerking out there. She even got me in a handstand twerk against the wall and enjoying it, which is quite the monumental feat giving how much I loathe handstands!

Basically, what I am trying to achieve with this blog is to encourage all of you who are reading it to embark into the badass world of twerking. Seriously, go out there, buy the smallest pair of pole “shorts” you can find and set your cheeks free! Not only will you have a more extensive repertoire of dance to use on your pole adventure, you’ll also get a serious sweat on (I get proper puffed out twerking believe me) and look hot AF in the process. Also, getting a sexy twerk video (especially) a boomerang is guaranteed to make for a great Sunday Bumday, just throwing that out there!

If you’re a twerk fanatic too, tell us why you love it so much in the comments!


  1. Love this post! Twerking is so much fun. Amazing thing to use at the club and a fucking workout. Took me so long to learn and many people are so scared of trying so this post is a great step in that direction!


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