Lauren Elise’s beast mode workshops

Two Saturday’s ago (16th January if you want to be precise) I put myself through my paces big time and attended two of the badass Lauren Elise King workshops, Exotique Cardio and Stop, Drop and Roll. I signed up for these workshops at the start of January, during a mad surge of “new year new me” motivation. However, little did I know what world sexy and intense madness I had let myself in for.

First off, for those of you who are not quite as obsessed with the queens of the UK Exotique scene as I am, I thought I would tell you a little bit about the awesomeness that is Lauren Elise King. Lauren is a London based pole dance instructor, choreographer and performer. Lauren defines her unique dance style as Urban Exotic and is infamous for her epic flow, being a bloody expert in all things base work related, having spot on musicality skills and is an absolute freestyle pro. In fact, I do believe Lauren freestyled the first few competitions she entered and placed too – shit the bed! Given all the info above, it’s no surprise that Lauren is one of my go to dancers to learn from when I want to up my flow and dance game.

Right, onto the workshops. We began with Exotique Cardio, a very sexy but also very fast paced choreo that had me sweating like mad fucker. Advertised as an advanced level choreo class, I was mightily impressed that I managed to follow the routine all the way to the end and get a video to boot, which despite my concentration face which resembles a constipated tortoise being on display throughout and my feet being flexed, I was chuffed to bits about (that’s the vid below on IG by the way). However, that was not without its trials and tribulations. This silly tit over here decided to first attempt the workshop in my ten-inch boots, on carpet, in my house. After getting caught in all manner of pretzelly shapes and whacking the walls and furniture, I decided it was too early in the morning for this dangerous game and switched to my eight inchers instead. Also, as I’m currently living the home pole life, I got a fair few tasty carpet burns from the workshop, but in a weird sort of way I think we all appreciate a good old pole injury (providing it’s not too severe of course). It is the sign of hard work I say.

Anyway after a quick 15 minutes break which involved shoveling a protein bar into my gob at top speed, it was time for the second and final workshop for me, Stop, Drop and Roll. After getting our flow on in Exotique Cardio, this workshop consisted of Lauren’s favourite jaw dropping drops and tumbles. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of drops as they scare fuck out of me, but I won’t get better if I don’t learn and practice, so I put on my big girl pants and gave them a go.

In the workshop we covered three drops being a switchy Jamilla number, a danger layback (massive shout out to Lauren for choosing not to use the shitty original name for this trick) to split drop and some shoulder mount kips. Now, on average I would say I could complete about a third to a half of these drop combinations at best, but that in my opinion is a good thing! They’re not so crazy that I can’t train them and I have plenty to work on and practice. As previously mentioned, with the lack of competitions and showcases happening at the moment, we have plenty of time to practice new tricks and moves, and I shall spend my time dedicated to learning these combos. Even if that means having my husband run to the pole to temporarily spot me during a handstand drop like he did in Lauren’s workshop!

Overall Lauren’s workshops were fucking cracking. Not only is she a flow and dance expert, but can conjure up some very unique up the pole combinations too. Lauren’s workshops are hard enough to give you a challenge and get the old brain and body working but are not so difficult that you leave with a confidence complex. I recommend that you head on over to Lauren’s website and check out what online classes she currently has on offer, as you sure as hell will not regret it.

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