Gifted review – The Pole Boxx

The lovely people over at Pole Boxx kindly gifted me one of their monthly boxes to review. In the spirit of being transparent with both my readers and the brands I work with, I will only review products that I like and would use personally, so the fact that a review of Pole Boxx has been written is a spoiler that I think the Boxx is definitely worth signing up for.

First off, Pole Boxx gets a big old seal of approval from Chrome Chronicles because of it’s strong focus on promoting veganism and sustainability. You don’t need me to tell you how important it is that we work with mother nature and look after our planet now more than ever, so a Boxx that provides vegan protein powder, exclusive discounts to vegan lifestyle products and other goodies made from 100% recycled materials is something we can all need to get behind (more on those in detail in shortly). I’ve been vegetarian for three years, and would say I’m 80% vegan these days, so I’m always keen to learn new ways that I can increase the old vegan percentage and help save the planet in the process.

Quite importantly, at £18.99 per month the Pole Boxx is great value for money. I’ve had a quick add up of all the goodies (with like for like items where possible) and discount codes that the Boxx had to offer, and altogether the total value of the Boxx came to £36.75! I like most people absolutely love a bargain, so cost wise the Boxx is already a saving of £17.76.


Anyway, now you’ve had a summary of the two main reason’s why Pole Boxx is a pretty decent monthly purchase, onto the actual contents of the Boxx.


An elastic stretching band

Like it or not, flexibility training is an essential part of pole training as a whole, and a decent stretching band is one to the key tools to help you get all loosey goosey in your stretching quest. During lockdown, I struggled along with multiple dressing gown belts (sometimes tied together) as makeshift stretching bands, so getting hold of a proper band for the first time since March was a bloody game changer! I’ve recently started working on my Needlescale (yes there will be a blog about this mammoth quest at some point), and having a proper grippy band to train with made all the difference and really helped me get into some of the twisty positions required when stretching.

A sachet of Dry Hands grip

You can’t go wrong with a sachet of pole grip. If there’s one thing that us Pole Dancers will always be happy to receive it’s some decent grip, and old faithful Dry Hands seems to work pretty well for the majority of dancers. If you don’t go slathering yourself in the sachet like this dickhead over here did (to be fair I was training on my new, slippery pole during a boiling hot day) I would say this sachet would probably last you two training sessions tops, so not a bad addition to the Boxx overall.

Pole Boxx Eucalyptus infused body power gel

As mentioned above, us pole dancers love a good grip, so getting an entire bottle of the stuff is always a win.  In keeping with their mission of being kind to the environment, this grip is fantastic value for money, as you only need a small, pea sized amount and are specifically advised not to use too much- so this product will last you a while. However, it’s often horses for courses with pole grips, and my legs didn’t get along with this grip, but please do not let that put you off trying it out for yourself! This grip is a tacky based formula, and I have tried other tack-based grips before and had no luck, so I think something about tack and me just don’t bond. I have read several reviews for the grip, and it appears to work really well on those with dry skin, which explains a lot as I am a sweaty betty with very oily skin- so if your skin is dry, give this grip a try!

A floaty white pole skirt

Now, this skirt was initially a bit of a winner for me as you can see from the post below, it makes for a fabulous Sunday Bumday photo if I do say so myself. However, once I read the little leaflet that came with said wonder skirt of awesomeness, I appreciated it even more. This floaty skirt  is handmade from 100% recycled plastic bottles! Recycling plastic bottles into chiffon takes eight times less energy than the production of new chiffon, and the new life satin at the top of the skirt is also made from recycled post-consumer plastic, which prevents plastic from ending up in landfills and the ocean. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m certain this skirt would look lush whilst whizzing round in a spin too, so get your swoosh on and help to save the planet in the process.


30 grams of Go Gurl Vegan Vanilla protein powder

Shit the bed this fucking worked a treat! On Sunday I had a pretty intense practice session, as thanks to the new social distancing measures, not sharing a pole is resulting in double to work when it comes to training. Said session consisted of facing some big old strength moves, conditioning and putting on my brave girl pants and facing some nemesis moves, so all in all it was pretty knackering. After going hard in practice, I took the 30 grams of vanilla protein powder when I got in to aid my recovery, and as if by magic I  woke up on Monday pretty much ache and pain free! It’s a bloody miracle! I had a few slightly tender spots on my shoulders after drilling shoulder mounts but that’s about it. Seriously get on this if you want to avoid feeling like you’ve gone ten rounds with Anthony Joshua the morning after a session on the pole. Click here to read more about Go Gurl protein.

A voucher for 20% off an OrganiCup moon cups

For people who have periods, this is very useful indeed. I am ashamed to admit that I still use the traditional, disposable sanitary products, but have been meaning to make the switch over to re-useable ones. Disposable sanitary items are not only expensive as fuck, but they’re also horrendously wasteful and bad for the environment, so making the switch over to re-usable products such as an Organicup is the way forward. With a tidy 20% discount code thanks to Pole Boxx, I have a perfectly good reason to take the plunge and invest in my first Moon cup.

A voucher for 10% off Free Soul Vegan products

Woohoo another discount voucher! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you can’t beat a good discount. This time it’s 10% off the Free Soul Vegan collection from, a vegan protein company aimed at providing nutritional protein powder that doesn’t generate excess waste, has a low impact on the environment and is affordable. Click here to read more about Free Soul and the products they have on offer.

A cool little move of the month challenge and a pole positive quote

Now this is a really cute little addition to the Boxx! With every Boxx you get a little card with the “Pole Boxx Move of the Month” on it to try, post a photo of yourself in the move to Instagram with the hashtag #poleboxxmoveofthemonth to be entered into a draw to win a PoleBoxx prize. Pretty decent little motivator to get training if you ask me. Also, as part of the PoleBoxx mission statement to help boost people’s mental health, there is a little piece of advice on the back of the Move of the Month card on how to change your mindset and lift your mood. All in all two pretty sweet things to have.

Overall, I was impressed by the Pole Boxx! It’s great value for money,  motivates you to train and introduces you to some cool new, environmentally friendly products and companies in the process- what a win!

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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