Pole goals for 2021 – all about consistency

Hooray one and all! We finally made it out of the utter shit show that was 2020, 2021 has now arrived, and thank fuck we are glad it has.

As it’s the start of January, I have typically got my motivated pants on and have whipped up my pole goals for 2021. I have decided what they are, set them in stone (well blog, which is as good as obviously) and no more goals shall be added or removed from said list. What are my pole goals for 2021 I hear you ask? Well, I’m switching it up a bit this year, and my goals are as follows;

  • To train Pole twice a week
  • To stretch twice a week

There you go folx, this year one is keeping it easy peasy on the yearly pole goals front, and there are several reasons for this. First off, my 2020 pole goals list had a whopping 23 goals on it. Twenty three. What in the name of Felix Cane was I thinking?! That list had everything on it from getting a flat middle split (lol) to perfecting my currently nonexistent handspring (lolol). This list obviously had far too much on it and whilst some goals on it were met, the majority were not. The conclusion to this little experiment was therefore to not create unachievable targets. Which as you can see is not what I’ve done this time around.

In Lockdown 1.0 here in the UK (23 March 2020 – end of July 2020), one way I got through it was by jumping firmly on the online classes bandwagon. On average, as soon as I got my home pole at the end of May, I was doing on average two stretch classes (one back and shoulders, the other the classic splits) and two pole classes per week, and I was seeing marked results in my progress because of consistent training.  Since December I’ve fallen off the wagon big time on the old home training front, but I’ve entered 2021 with all good intentions and intend to firmly get back on the consistency game.

Also, we are unfortunately still living through the Covid-19 pandemic, which is undoubtedly having an effect on the pole dance industry as a whole. Everything from how frequently both online and in person classes are running right through to annual pole events that we all get super excited for have all been thrown into quite a bit a disarray. Therefore, the usual, tick box pole goals that I‘ve had in the past such as “perform in a showcase” or “enter X competition” are sadly not possible at the moment.

X-POLEDisclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

However, modern problems require modern solutions and all that jazz, so I have decided to be simple, yet sort of creative with my pole goals this year opted to focus on consistency with my training. When I went through a phase of following fitness accounts on social media (that didn’t last long believe me) nearly every one of them kept banging on about the importance of consistency, and how it was key to seeing results with your training. Now, this is the first time in six years that I haven’t had weight loss related goals on my new year’s goals list (yay for body positivity!) instead I am focusing solely on what badass shit my body can achieve if I stick to a consistent, yet achievable training program. At the moment, I cannot afford to commit to more than twice a week each, but who knows, if I one day perfect the art of time management that could very well change!

So those are my pole goals for 2021, they’re small, but will hopefully make a big difference to my pole game! If you have any pole goals for 2021 that you would like to share, please drop them in the comments below.

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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