It’s showtime!

It’s that time of year again for a 360 Pole Dancing student where it’s time to fire up your iTunes/Spotify accounts, crack open your pole songs playlist and pick out your favourite tune ready to choreograph a banging routine to. Its Halloween show time motherfuckers!

After being fortunate enough to have my name drawn from the ballot to perform in the show, I have set to work to whip up a routine which (I’m hoping) will blow the tits off everyone in the audience.

So far in my pole career, I have never really given much in depth, proper thought as such to my routines. This routine is the sixth one I am writing, and whilst I have massively enjoyed performing the previous five and worked hard on them, I am the first one to admit I have never considered giving them a proper theme or some extra razzmatazz if you will. I have always concentrated on what moves I can confidently do in my heels to include and never really on what I could do to really make my routine stand out and feel more personable to me.

Well not anymore!

I’ve decided to follow my own advice in my previous blog “How to write a show routine” and am creating a routine that is really something that is going to have a gigantic, Eilish sized stamp on it. Our shows theme is ‘Good vs Evil’ and I have always loved brutal, heavy music and old school, B movie horrors, so this time around I am combining those two glorious things with my love of authentic style pole dancing and seeing what sort of blood splattered monstrosity I can come up with. I have always envied (in a good way obviously) the many brilliant dancers I stalk on Instagram and those I know in person who are so talented that they have mastered their own unique style of dance. I definitely don’t think I have my own dance “style” as such yet (sadly, wobbly cockney frog isn’t a proper style), so instead I shall give my next performance a dark, heavy and horror fuelled twist and in that hope that that gives it a whacking great personal touch.

My routine is very much in it’s infancy at the mo. I have my song, theme and costume ideas devised and a few combos noted down, so hopefully there will be some more blog posts to come as the old creative process unfolds between now and show night on 11th November. However whether they will be happy “Oh my fucking word I love this routine it is epic” posts or “this routine can literally throw itself headfirst into a well it’s driving me up the bastard wall” posts is another matter!

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