Why comparing your pole progression to others is horse shit

We all know that we’re not supposed to compare ourselves to other people, but most of us are guilty of doing it anyway. I for one am extremely guilty of comparing myself to my peers on a daily basis. “Oh shitting hell so and so from uni has already reached middle management in their career, Joe Bloggs who I went to school with has just bought and Audi and I’m still poodling around in a KA with a rusty boot, my abs look like a bowl of fucking porridge compared to blah blah blah…” the list is pretty much endless. Unfortunately this naughty habit has transferred into my pole life.

Despite the fact that I can now complete certain tricks that I couldn’t do earlier this year, I am still constantly comparing my pole abilities to others, which I think is something we are all guilty of at times. I often don’t feel as strong, flexible and sexy as my fellow pole family members and recently I have been a right dickhead and let it get me down. Instead of looking back at my achievements and realising what I have achieved I have been dwelling on what I can’t do. It’s been making me feel crap, like a mouldy old potato and has been vastly depleting me of my pole mojo. If you can relate this read on, because I have some wise advise that will help your self-doubt to pack its bags and fuck right off…

As Arya Stark said back in season seven of Game of Thrones (trust me I can relate anything back to Game of Thrones…)

Arya Stark

As long as you are alive and breathing, your pole story is NOT over. If you are reading this blog, I assume you’re not dead and therefore that sentence applies to you. Pole is a wonderful, fantastic but challenging sport and as you climb higher up the pole mountain, the harder the climb will get. You don’t see any old cunt skipping up Everest do you? You see badass motherfuckers scrabbling up there with all their might. If you are at a pole class and you’re busting a gut trying to get a move, you are equally as badass!

Also you don’t know the stories of those polers who you deem to be “better” than you. They may have started pole years before you did, or they may have more free time to practice etc etc.  If you are giving pole everything you can and still feel like you’re struggling do not worry! You are doing your best, giving it your all and that is what matters.

Also don’t feel bitter or angry at any of your pole brothers and sisters for progressing at a faster rate. Being bitter and jealous ain’t cool, it’s lame bullshit that will get your nowhere and you’ll look like a right twat. Pole is a community where we support others and not tear them down. End of. You could even ask your buddies for tips on how to get into certain tricks, it’s always good to learn from the wise folk in the village!

In short, as hard as it gets do not compare your pole progress to anyone else’s. We are individuals and are on our own journeys in the pole world. Keep at it, do not give up (believe me I know how hard it gets) and you will be amazed at your progress. You got this!

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