Pole Theatre smashed it (again)!

The time came once again for my pole siblings and me to make the annual pilgrimage along the M4 to Hatfield, to watch some of the finest, most creative pole dancers in the UK and beyond strut their stuff on stage at one of my favourite and most inspiring competitions, Pole Theatre!

For those of you who are unsure what the exactly the wonder of Pole Theatre is, it is a competition that is comprised of four categories; Pole Art (whereby another style of dance is incorporated into the routine such as Ballet or Tango, fucking fancy right?), Pole drama (the routine has to tell a clear story), pole comedy (I’m not explaining that to you) and Pole Classique (stripper style floor fuckery). These categories alone are one of the reasons why Pole Theatre is fucking banging as there’s something for everyone. No matter what style of pole you prefer, you’ll be able to compete in Pole Theatre. Or if competing isn’t your thing, there are will obviously be a performance guaranteed to rev your engine. As someone who considers themselves to be a moderately creative lass, I bloody LOVE watching how inventive the competitors are and how they use props, backing dancers, photographs and videos to bring their vision to life.

This year the competitors had really upped the ante, with every category packing a powerful punch. I was giggling my ass off during the comedy category (I honestly never thought I could have so much fun watching a Donald Trump themed pole routine!), getting my groove on during pole art, welling up during drama and getting a rather wet seat during my favourite category Classique.

This year, our pilgrimage was in honour of our favourite filth monger Emma, who was competing in Classique. Anyone who has seen Emma dance knows just how fucking badass her performances are, as she’s a bonafide expert in all things filthy, sexy and encompasses everything to me that Classique is about. Emma my girl you and your glamorous human prop Jana did us all proud on Saturday night and our seats were more than just a little bit moist by the end of your performance!

Anyway (before I turn this blog into an 800 word love fest for Emma) I guess I had better say that what inspires me the most about Pole Theatre Amateur 2018 is that it is exactly that, an amateur competition. I’m the first person to admit that I’m guilty of stalking the pros busting out fucking staggering tricks and flow on Instagram literally every time I use my phone, so to witness fellow amateur pole dancers’ creative, innovative and amazing routines is really inspiring to see! It actually got me thinking that if I pulled my finger out and worked harder, I may even have a stab at Pole Theatre 2019 (emphasis on the word may there!)

Overall can we please have three cheers for all the competitors, judges and team who put Pole Theatre UK Amateur 2018 together, because they fucking deserve it!

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