Oh fuck its competition time!

If there’s one thing I love about the world of pole dancing it’s the competitions. As a spectator, seeing what fabulous routines have been created, the fancy schmancy costumes and just generally the whole excitement and glamour behind a well-run competition is one of my favourite elements to the whole pole community.

However, as badass as pole competitions and competitors are, they’re also successful tools for sufficiently shitting me up good and proper. I have decided this year to take another leap of faith in my pole adventure and enter my city’s awesome competition the Bristol Pole Championships. Now, I have entered this competition twice before and deservedly hadn’t made the cut for the live final. I say deservedly because I am not afraid to hold my hands up and admit that in my past two attempts, I had hugely underestimated the sheer volume of work and commitment that goes in to creating a killer competition routine. In fact I was a right lazy cunt. I skipped my weekly practices due to being hungover, or because I generally just couldn’t be arsed. I didn’t put a great deal of thought into my song choice, costume and theme, and overall didn’t bust my ass like I should have. And then I watched the finalists in the category I entered (Intermediate) perform in both Bristol Pole Championships 2017 and Pole Theatre Amateur UK 2017 and 2018…

HOLY FUCK. These queens were on fire! Their costumes were sparkling and sassy AF, their routines were masterfully crafted and their stage presence was electric. No wonder they made the final! Watching their badass performances made me realise just how hard I need to work if I want to stand a chance of getting up on that stage.

This time around I am determined to pull my finger out and work my ass off (and there’s quite a bit off ass to work off, trust me!) to create my personal best routine yet! Since submitting my Bristol Pole Championships entry form, I have been upping my practices to twice a week, thought up a stronger, more defined theme and got my song sorted. However there’s still more fingers to pull out (giggity). I will be filming my video entry on 14th April, and finance permitting I will be practicing three times a week in order to really nail this bad boy.

Off the pole, I’m pretty busy in my muggle life too at the moment, as I’m writing the final essays for my Business Administration NVQ. So now until 14th April is going to be a pretty chaotic time in the life of Eilish, but fuck it, bring it on. If I end up sat in a pile of my own excrement on April 15th, crying uncontrollably then so be it, at least I can whole heartedly say I gave my competition entry a fucking good college try, no matter what the outcome is.

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