Halloween special – the tricks that terrify us!

Seeing as it’s goth Christmas and from what I have observed us pole dancers fucking love a bit of Halloween, I took to the streets (well, to Facebook to be precise) to see what the fabulous readers of Chrome Chronicles felt was their most terrifying trick to attempt. Will it be the pant shittingly painful Superman? What about the sinister move of evil the Brass Bridge? The answer lies below (along with some standard, waffley commentary from yours truly).

“A lame one but reverse grab terrifies me! Anything where I have to spin round and only hold on with one hand.” – Bethan. (In all honesty Beth it’s taking me nearly three years and I still royally fuck up every reverse grab I attempt and rip the skin from my wrist when I practice it. To the depths of hell with you reverse grab!)

“Handsprings! I can only go half way up. So frustrating! I think it stems from me missing the pole and smacking my face into it though!” –Leigh (Holy shit smacking ones face into the pole is one the ultimate fears!)

“Bastarding Brass Bridge and Russian Lay back.” – Jess. (I’ve never attempted those two and I don’t think I want to. The phrase “oh fuck” springs to mind!)

“Cupid!” – Tammi. (Yas! I’ve never managed to master a cupid either!)

“I second the bastarding Brass Bridge, Russian Lay back and add in the Daredevil! I thought I was okay with the cupid until our teacher introduced us to the Bastard Daredevil! I’m also terrified of anything with the word “flip” in the title.” – Eloise (Eloise that list is enough to give me fucking nightmares.)

“Cross Ankle Release. I have I did it once and I’ve been scared to do it since!” – Chelsea. (I hear you Chelsea! I can Cross Ankle but leaning back ALWAYS fills me with dread!)

“Both Cross Ankle and Cross Knee release. I KNOW I can do it, I know I’ve NEVER fallen out of it but I still have to give myself a stern talking to every time to get up the nerve to go back. Oh and Aerial Inverts! Doing any basic Gemini or whatever is fine, but from an aerial invert at the top of the pole? No thank you very much haha! I’ll stay near the ground where it’s safe!” – Robyn (Very fucking wise! You can always trust the safety of the floor!)

“Scissor sit.” – Andre. (Andre I think you are telling lies…)

“Twisty grip Ayesha back flip. They’re the worst but I must have it!” – Kassia. (Pfft, I can bust those out in my sleep mate.)

“Any kind of lean back. Even when I was classed as an advanced student. I did anything I could to avoid them!” – Emma. (Aw but my beloved Cross Knee release is a trusty Trevor! A good old Cross Knee won’t let you down!)

“A lean back!” – Imogen. (Minus my fave cross knee and lean backs are indeed fear inducing buggers.)

“Anything that involves a knee hang! I’m so scared of Geminis. I also had huge fears of one handed spins like carousel and reverse grab. And don’t get me started on cross knee… the most fear ever. Weirdly I love a cross ankle and minimal fear of reverse grab now.” – Reggie. (That’s it I’m started a movement “Justice for the Cross knee”, the poor fucker!)

“Iguana mount, first time I tried it my grip popped and I landed on my face and damaged my shoulder.” – Jo (HOLY FUCK! You have won the award for scariest story so far Jo!)

“Shoulder Mounts and handstands.” – Patricia (Yas handstands can fuck off to the moon! I don’t mind standard Shoulder Mounts, but aerial ones are a whole different breed of pain.)

“Anything flippy (that includes handsprings!) or requires handstands.” – Ting. (I one hundred percent agree! Away with you flips and handstands of Satan. The power of Christ compels you!)

“Cross Ankle Release for sure – if I do it, I try to be as close to the ground as possible. And Superman! I’m scared of the pain.” – Shay. (Those are two demonic tricks there Shay, burny ones too.)

“Anything that involves gripping with your armpit.” – Amy. (Oh shit yes. I currently have a hench bruise from Brass Monkey and Moonbeam practice. The armpit is not the one.)

One comment

  1. Ooooh man, everyone’s got a hate on for hang-backs hunh? I gotta say thank you for posting this, it was a fun read and actually made me feel really badazz ’cause most of these are my favs.
    Also thanks for making me think. There are lots of tricks I can do that are _painful_ or that I find difficult *shakes fist at nemesis moves* but _scared_? Hmmmm…..
    I used to be scared of Russian Splits and of Butterfly because I fell out of them onto my face without a mat (individually/on separate occasions). Totally comfortable with them now, after months of avoiding them and then more months of slow training them with a spot.
    Anything where you invert (shoulder mount, handspring) is something I’m apparently viscerally afraid of but my brain is ready to go, if that makes sense. You know the way that you can be scared of bugs even though your brain tells you they’re tiny and won’t hurt you?
    But tricks where I go “Oh eff that, nooooo! My hand/arm/leg is NOT doing that”… I know there are many but I can’t think of them right now. Hmmmm.


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