Taking a break from routine writing is refreshing as fuck

My pole training regime used to straight up revolve around performing, honestly I rarely fucking stopped. I would enter a competition and perform in two shows every year – one in April and another in October. Whilst all this was all rather exciting and fun, as I love the buzz you get from performing as much as the next pole dancer, this did result in my pole training being a bit of a rinse and repeat job.

Competitions and performing do undoubtedly do wonders for your pole progression don’t get me wrong. They boost not only your confidence but also your stamina, choreography skills, and your overall dance abilities in general. However, due to my perpetual quest to create a showstopper of a routine, I found myself practising the same old tricks over and over again. Naturally, I didn’t want to add tricks I could only half-arse my way into to a routine (fucking hell if I put my pathetic, half twisty and pained attempt at an Allegra into a competition routine the judges would probably shit themselves in despair), so I resorted to drilling the moves I could do pretty easily. On the plus side, I can now execute a rather spiffing Cross Knee Release and Gemini on a regular basis, however on the negative side I have used choreographing routines as a convenient excuse to avoid training my nemesis moves to the extent that they pretty much felt like impossible, never-ending quests of doom. Fucking hell up until last Saturday I think the score was currently Eilish 0 – Superman 522 in my attempts to master the classic Jasmine- Superman combo.

Basically, back in June my pole training regime changed and since then I haven’t written any sort of routine at all, and honestly I am loving the break. As I have mentioned previously ( I am starting to sound like a broken record on this one) this break is a slightly enforced one, at the moment my time is governed by wedding planning until the end of October and I sure as hell am not overloading myself and turning into a walking ball of stress. But I’m a firm believer in when life hands you lemons, make Lemoncello and all that shite, so will be using 2019 to get training on all the moves that I cannot do (Aerial Shouldermount you motherfucker I am coming for you) instead of constantly repeating the same moves and combos I can do with my eyes closed. The days of hiding behind a routine as a very convenient procrastination method are long gone for this bitch right here.

Since the old routine break began seven months ago, I have already noticed a rather pleasant increase in my tricks repertoire, including the Baby Jade, Brass Monkey and some jazzy new Butterfly variations. Yes I may not to be able to execute them as well as I can my beloved Cross Knee Release, but with practice I’ll get there eventually!

Anyway, to end this post on a positive note, a monumental fucking pole win went down on Saturday. As a result of having a break from routine writing, I have been strapping on my brave boots and practising the moves I well and truly hate, including those infamous bastards the Allegra and Superman. After months and months of consistent battles with the fucking Superman from Jasmine and several hench purple bruises later…I FUCKING CONQUERED THE BASTARD! Yes it wasn’t very smooth and is in desperate need of perfecting but I managed it none the less, for the first time ever! The score now stands at Eilish 1 – Superman 522. If you would like to see a video of said triumphant moment, click here. Now to continue facing the nemesis’ in the routine break and absolutely nail the Allegra…

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