The pole progression story – from Front hook to Fonji and not getting caught up with the chase

When you look back at your pole journey and just how far you’ve come, it can be quite the wow-ing experience I can tell you. Seriously, the progression of moves that you practice is fucking insane. You begin by practicing the basics, front hooks, fireman spins, standard pole sits etc, and then before you know it three years have passed and you’re busting your arse trying to get a perfectly flat Jade split, a solid, sturdy Ayesha and a beautifully extended Marion Amber. Shit it definitely feels like only yesterday I was drilling my favourite the Cross Knee Release in practice sessions and complaining about the pain!

However, as with pretty much everything in this life – there is a catch. That being that the longer and deeper (giggity) you go on the old pole dancing quest and the higher up the ladder of moves you climb, the harder it is to conquer a move, as being more difficult, a greater amount of effort goes into mastering it. I’m currently having this exact, bastard battle with my Aerial Shoulder Mounts. After just over a year of drilling regular Shoulder Mounts, I finally got there with them,but now is that enough for me? Is it fuck. The initial joy of finally being able to Shoulder Mount is long gone, and has been replaced by the frustration of not being able to execute them properly in heels (I’m so annoyed I lost that ability!) or bust out an Aerial one despite my many tries. Gah! Curse you Aerial Shoulder Mounts!

As said frustrations about not being able to Aerial Shoulder Mount have been, well mounting, I had to give myself a stern talking to. Yes I may not yet be able to execute the move yet, or even Shoulder Mount in my heels, but it wasn’t so long ago that being able to master a regular Shoulder Mount felt like an impossible task. I was the same with the Butterfly. Yes I was chuffed to bits the first time I got my Butterfly, but it wasn’t long afterwards that I was itching to turn it into an Extended one. Yes the more advanced and technical manouvres do take longer to achieve and yes that will undoubtedly piss you off but don’t lose faith! It’s great to be forward focused and have pole goals to work towards, however don’t get so wrapped up in the chase and pursuing new moves that you forget to enjoy where you currently are or feel proud of what you have achieved. Now, whenever I feel low and I’m stuck in a bit of a de-motivated and frustrated pole rut, I try to pause and cast my mind back to when I was struggling to nail moves I can now do with ease in my eight inch Pleasers and remember that one day, my new goal move will happen with practice.

Overall, yes it’s bloody exciting when you can up your training and start to attempt more complex moves, but don’t get caught up feeling stressed or surprised if they take a little longer to master. If you’re struggling with any moves at the mo, drop them in the comments!

One comment

  1. This! Thank you I really needed to hear this, it’s so easy to get caught up in the next big trick!

    For me it’s currently Extended Butterfly (how do I straighten that damn leg!?) Inner Thigh Hold (why do I keep falling on my face!?) and Machine Gun (who do I need to pray to!? I need buns of steel because that back leg is going nowhere!).

    And obviously Superman, because that move is an absolute nightmare.


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