Paid book review. “My AnthroPolegy – A little tome in praise of pole dancing”

I present to you dear readers, Chrome Chronicles first (and hopefully not last) ever book review! I must admit it was a tad bloody daunting sitting down to write a book review, as I don’t think I have written one since my A level English Literature days 11 years ago (fuck me that makes me feel old). However, My AnthroPolegy – A little tome in praise of pole dancing was such a funny, uplifting and inspiring read that I honestly couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.

My AnthroPolegy is the first person account of Elly Le Blanc (you can find her on Instagram as @Biskita) and her highly relatable journey into the world of pole dance in her mid-fifties. With genuinely inspiring quotes at the start of every chapter, including some pearls of wisdom from Elly’s late mother, every pole annecdote Elly describes in her book is one which will resonate with all of us average Audrey’s at some point. Please note here that I use the term “average” to refer to those of us who began our pole adventures in adulthood, with zero to limited experience in dance, gymnastics or other sports, just like Elly. We are far from average now, we’re fucking badasses as Elly proudly shouts from the roof tops in her book.

Right from the get go, My AnthroPolegy is a very down to earth and honest read throughout. Elly talks candidly about those niggling “harpies” in your head that question why you’re starting pole dance in the first place, experiencing the body hang ups from seeing yourself for the first time in the full length mirrors of a dance studio and the sheer, unadulterated joy you feel from mastering your first ever climb to the top of the pole. Every key pole milestone you have experienced, from attending a workshop right through to buying your first pair of Pleasers, Elly describes in My AnthroPolegy and fucking nails it.

Not only does Elly talk about the experiences we can all as pole dancers relate too, she also freely shares how her more unique experiences, such as living with arthritis, her C section scar and hip mobility restrictions, have affected her pole journey. Whilst Elly is both inspiring as she proves to the reader that she continues to pole dance despite living with arthritis, she is also wise, and imparts the invaluable advice of listening to your body and working with, not against it when discussing her hip mobility issues. Something I think all of us if we’re being honest with ourselves need to remember.

X-POLEDisclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

There’s no bullshit from Elly in My AnthroPolegy and I bloody love it. Elly straight up says how Pole is the hardest physical activity she has ever attempted (girl same) and even describes how confusing and crazy floor work actually is, a refreshing shatter of the illusion that many a video on Instagram has given me!

If all of the above wasn’t enough to make you want to add this awesome read on to your Christmas list, this next sentence most definitely will – Elly knows her shit when it comes to origins of pole. On page nine, Elly explains, “Unless you’ve been living in a cave, it’s obvious that the origins of pole dancing and by extension, it’s popularity as we know it, is the strip club.” Fucking. Yes. Elly. The more this truth is written down and published in black and white the better.

My AnthroPolegy also bravely addresses the tough yet common issue of shitty online trolling and the difficulties faced as woman and a pole dancer online. Elly discusses how her opinions have been shot down and condescended during social media debates and discussions as soon as people nosily view her profile and see she is a pole dancer, something which absolutely boils my piss and that I could rant about for hours. But I do not want to give cunts on the internet any more attention, so back to the review!

Overall I thoroughly recommend My AnthroPolegy to all pole dancers, no matter what stage of your pole journey you’re on. It’s a pleasantly quick and uplifting read and is written by a no bullshit woman next door, which is everything Chrome Chronicles proudly stands for.

You can buy this cracking book here– a perfect stocking filler for any pole dancer this Christmas!

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