Handstand February is off to a cracking start

Now, I know that I only posted about my handstand phobia three weeks ago, but with Handstand February in full swing (and my lecturers at uni always telling us to keep our journalism timely and relevant), it seems only fitting that I treat you lovely folk to an update on how the  month of horrifying handstands is going.

First off, it is currently day four as I type this and I have managed to do a handstand everyday so far (not just cheat and recycle old photos like I did last year), the most recent three are in the dinky collage above. As explained before I am not a natural hand standing Harriet, in fact I used to fucking hate them, so do not expect any crazy, one handed hand stand push ups or even any free standing bad boys from me this month. Instead, you’ll see a very nervous and cautious Eilish attempt to slowly but surely develop her handstand technique enough to maybe execute a good dismount and kick up into a solid wall handstand at best.

Well, it’s safe to say that after just four days (apologies for sounding like an MLM salesperson here) I do actually feel a lot more confident predominantly balancing on my hands. Yes I have used poles, walls and even banisters to steady me so far, but it’s legit doing the trick! By using various, dependable leaning spots, I can focus fully on creating a sturdy as fuck base, with shrugged shoulders, locked out arms and an engaged core. I’m definitely feeling less wobbly in the bastards now that’s for sure!

This is a bit of a “no shit Sherlock” moment, but I’m honestly quite amazed at how just doing a handstand a day for four days is already boosting my confidence in them. As someone who used to suffer badly with anxiety, I learnt all about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and its principles of facing your fears in small, frequent doses, which can be applied directly to Handstand February. I never ever thought I would say this but I’m half tempted to turn Handstand February in Handstand 2018, and bust one out every day to see how much I improve!

Basically, to all of you out there who, like me, are not massive handstand fanatics, JUMP ON BOARD WITH HANDSTAND FEB! It will do wonders for your confidence and basic technique and help turn your immense fear and hatred into just mild fear and general indifference to handstands.

Finally, yes I will be posting a very original and definitely hasn’t been done before ‘end of challenge’ blog post too. So brace yourselves in advance!

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