Get simple tricks trending again!

On Saturday, Mr Dan Rosen launched the latest challenge into the pole world “Bring Back the Leg Hang.” To briefly summarise the challenge (if you want to hear the full info and deats on this challenge, head over to Dan’s Instagram for a nosey!) us pole dancers encouraged to upload pictures in specific leg hang poses, so that we can take simple moves and make them beautiful again. On behalf of all us pole dancers out there who love a good simple trick, I shall metaphorically climb up on my roof right now and holler from the tops of my lungs,


I am a simple Susan, and it’s about fucking time the simple tricks were made beautiful again! As previously mentioned throughout this blog, I am not one of those pole dancers with a set of specific skills or an aptitude for a certain element of pole. I can’t bend for shit in any way, shape or form (don’t worry, I’m still keeping on it with my flexibility training) and neither am I a hulking great beast when it comes to the strength side of things. I can do an Extended Butterfly and a Shoulder Mount but that’s about it as far as my strength goes. However, the one thing I can just about do and not look like a pissed up cat in the process are simple, leg grip related tricks. You give me a Cross Knee or Ankle Release, a Gemini, Scorpio, Flat line, or Jasmine and I’ll hang out in the bastard all day long.

Now, I am in no way shaming all you talented Tinas’ out there who can bust out Rainbow Marchenkos, over Jades, Iron Xs’, Cocoons and various other mental tricks. You’re all an absolute joy to watch, even if I am drooling like a Bullmastiff throughout your performances. But seriously your tricks are some next level Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry madness. I mean who honestly knows how to get into a Rainbow Marchenko, not this bitch right here that’s for sure.

Basically, it’s time us simple Susan’s united and made the classic, modest tricks fucking spectacular again. Let’s bust out Gemini’s with such sleek lines they make our ancestors weep with pride, Scorpios so neat and defined you could slice chunks of cheese with their angles and thigh holds that earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records for smoothest damn pole move ever executed. And if that isn’t that isn’t already a category in the book the what the bloody hell are the folk up at Guinness HQ playing at?!

If you have any simple moves that you love to train, feel free to pop them in the comments 😊

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