UK Professional Pole Championships 2018 was inspiring as hell!

As November draws to a close it can only mean one thing for us UK pole dancers, it’s time to make the annual pilgrimage to Telford to watch the crème de la crème of the UK pole scene strut their stuff at one of the best competitions there is, the UK Professional Pole Championships!

The UK Professional Pole Championships (UKPPC for short) is a badass professional pole competition which consists of three categories; Instructor, Professional, and Elite. As if feasting your eyes on the fucking outstanding competitors as they deliver their killer routines wasn’t enough, UKPPC is also jam packed with a huge variety stalls from the likes of Off the Pole, Pole Hog, Sparkling Passions and X-Pole to name a few to spoil yourself with some fab, pole related goodies. I may have had to dip into my overdraft on the odd occasion when presented with some of the utter delights on sale at UKPPC before now! The cherry on top of the UKPPC cake however is the X-Pole Aerial Playground – an entire room filled with all manner of poles, hoops, silks and various other hammocky looking things (I am not an aerialist, so apologies for the lack of technical knowledge here!) for you to have a go at. I fell in love with flying pole last year in the aerial playground!

UKPPC 2018 gang

The UKPPC 2018 crew and our assortment of snacks!

Anyway, back to the competition itself. Being a spectator at UKPPC can be a bit of a double edged sword. Watching the pros bust out banger after banger of a trick and execute them like an absolute boss is always a very inspiring experience, but, when you’re sat there in pure awe and amazement at the competitors every move, with a table full of crisps, chocolate and the odd cheeky bevvy or two in front of you (as seen in our cracking selfie above), it can leave one feeling like a bit of a potato. However, UKPPC is such a cracking competition to watch that it’s honestly worth having a potato shaped crisis at points, if not throughout the entirety of the competition.

In the firm grasp of tonight’s compere the queen of vivaciousness herself Tiff Finney, the competition kicked off at 3pm with the Instructor category followed by the Professional and then the Elite. What really shone through this year for me was the sheer volume of effort and hard fucking work that each and every competitor put into their routine. I mean Christ almighty my lazy arse struggles to make it to practice once a week to train Supermans and Shoulder Mounts, so the level of gruelling training that these dancers have put themselves through to create and perfect these stonking great beasts is too much for my tiny mind to comprehend. I mean seriously, how one even begin to train for a Spatchcock!? Fucking witchcraft that’s how.

Now, I know I said this last year about UKPPC, but the competitors have only gone and done it again so I’m going to have to repeat myself, holy SHITBALLS the level of creativity and originality the competitors put into their routines was insane. On stage at this year’s UKPPC we had Pennywise the clown, Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame, a Greatest Showman themed routine, Warrior Princesses, and deep, emotional routines that gripped the audience throughout. I’m always amazed at how dancers manage to carry a strong theme throughout their routines with innovative props, costumes and most importantly dance. Knowing what move perfectly fits your theme is a proper skill if you ask me.

In addition to the inspirational competitors, we were also treated to stellar guest performances from three judges and legends of the pole world Charlotte Robertson, Hannah Rose Kaynes, Evgeny Greshilov and Anna – Maija Nyman which was an absolute joy to watch these three champions perform I can tell you! Each performer differed hugely in style from one another, which added a great level of variety to the evening and kept us audience on our toes throughout.

As the evening drew to a close and we headed off back to Bristol, I think it’s safe to say that all of us felt very inspired by the all the competitors and performers that day. Fuck I’ve booked on to two pole classes this week and am planning to stretch tomorrow after seeing what amazing feats of pole dance can be achieved when you put your mind and grind to it. Thank you once again UKPPC and all your badass competitors and performers for inspiring us amateurs once again.

UKPPC 2018 competitors

Well done everyone,you rocked!

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