The strength quest begins!

This is a massive “no shit Sherlock” moment – but it has taken me just over four years to realise how much strength is required in pole dance to master both arms only and aerial moves. Strength that at the moment I sure as fuck do not have, and it’s getting on my tits big time. My Ayesha is a wobbling, crumpled mess, I’m struggling to get my Shoulder Mount in heels back and my attempts at Aerial Shoulder Mounts are exactly that, attempts which do not even garner the “close but no cigar” title. Well not anymore I do declare!

I have come to the decision that it’s about fucking time I put some proper effort into upping my strength game. No more sulking and moaning like a petulant child every time I fail to master an arms only move, no more worrying that my wobbly core and noodle arms shall fail to hoist and hold me into position, instead it’s time to work on getting the bastards strong as hell and making arms only moves a walk in the park.

As I sadly do not have a pole at home (yet), so daily drilling of said Ayeshas and Shoulder Mounts is not an option. However, much like with my ongoing Foxen vs Flexibility mission (which is still very much ongoing and I shall update you all again when some substantial progress has been made), there are plenty of exercises I can crack on with at home that I’m hoping will turn me into an absolute tank strength wise, or at least improve me from where I am now. Firstly, I have dug out and dusted off the old Pullup bar and will be having a go on that on a daily basis. I can currently manage one and a half pull ups (lol) and my goal for now is to round that number up to three. Once three is mastered then my next step will be five and so on and so forth until I can bust out 378 or something crazy. I am currently battling a recurring injury in my left arm, which is being a right cunt at the moment, so I will train mindfully in order to avoid that flaring up any further and hindering my progression.

In terms of that very important but very flimsy core area, help is most definitely at hand! Back in 2018, I was lucky enough to win an Off the Pole goodie bag at UKPPC, which consisted of a free voucher for their Core Endurance Program. The words “Core Endurance Program” fill me with absolute dread at the thought of how painful this fucker is going to be, but no pain, no gain and all that shite, so I shall be cracking on with the Off the Pole’s Core Endurance Program and hopefully seeing some marked improvements in my core strength. I’m not too fussed about having abs of steel, as that involves far too much sacrifice in terms of cutting out delicious food that I’m simply not willing to do, out bodies don’t need to look like perfectly carved statues of ancient Greek gods in order to be strong after all!

So here goes another fitness quest in order to make myself a better pole dancer. I shall of course keep you all updated on how said quest goes and hopefully have pictures to prove it. Of course if you have any strength training tips that you would like to share, please give me a holler!

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