The essential skill that is Freestyle

Freestyling is a fucking vital skill to master in ones pole dancing quest. No word of a lie. It’s a gloriously cathartic feeling being completely in the zone, present in the moment and being able to knock out a banging freestyle routine when the time comes. One of my besties is renting out our pole studio for her birthday this year for a freestyle party and honestly I cannot wait. Pleasers, hot new pole gear (the tinier the better) and floor fuckery I am ready for you!

Now, for you folk out there who are relatively new on your pole dancing adventure, I am fully aware of how daunting freestyle can be. You will undoubtedly get the dreaded mind blank when you’re half way up the pole and can’t think of what move to slide into next, but in all honesty that’s part of the fun of it. Freestyle, like anything else pole related, is an art that you’ll learn to love the more you hammer away at it. Having been a fan of freestyle now for almost three years. I thought I would sell it’s wonders to you all and hopefully have you all freestyling away in no time.

First off, freestyling makes for a bloody great warm up. Honestly if you’re looking for a way to get effectively warmed up quick then a solid 5 -10 minutes of freestyle will have you heating up faster than your loins when Jason Momoa’s on the telly. And you don’t even need to involve the pole in your freestyle warm up. My homie Patricia the Tease taught me the many benefits of a solid, floor work freestyle for getting oneself warmed up and ready to train. If the constant movement hasn’t got you roasting and ready to go, then activating the old grey matter and thinking about what moves and tricks to put together next will have you forgetting you were ever cold in the first place. Seriously we freestyle in every class and boy does it get everything nice, loosened up and ready to go once you’re finished.

In keeping with the subject of the old grey matter, I believe that freestyling is absolutely fucking brilliant for your mental health. As someone who used to struggle with anxiety, I’ve spent the past few years swotting up on mindfulness meditation and how letting go and focusing on the present moment does wonders for calming a rushing brain. Freestyle to me, is a fab combination of mindfulness and pole dance all rolled into one – as you’re so focused on your dance that your anxieties and brain misbehaviours quieten down, at least for a little while anyway. I always find pole a good exercise in mindfulness and a distraction from the general stresses and strains of muggle life, but freestyle even more so.

Freestyle is not just a work out for the mind, you end up learning so much more about your own body when you get your freestyle on too. You learn how your body wants to move, what tricks, combos and spins feel natural to it and ultimately what style of dance suits you best. Yes, to learn what feels natural to you and what your own, unique dance style is won’t happen after just one or two stabs at freestyle, but you’ll discover it eventually with practice.

Also, shit the bed being able to freestyle is a skill that will quite literally save your ass on stage – fuck I know I have used it before now. While performing, if you end up having the dreaded mind blank and forget what part of your routine comes next, or end up too far ahead of yourself in your routine, busting out a good bit of freestyle whilst figuring out what move comes next will cover it masterfully and no one in the audience will suspect a thing. Trust me I have had friends place and some even win competitions on the back of routines with some freestyle added in. You cannot underestimate it I can tell you!

Lastly, freestyling is badass because it makes you feel fucking sexy. Nothing to me beats getting your highest Pleasers on, putting on your favourite tunes and dancing for yourself. Not competing, not trying to master overly complicated moves, just busting out tricks and flow that you love doing and feeling good in the process. Fuck I love a good freestyle and cannot recommend it enough. If you haven’t tried freestyling yet get on it as soon as possible, you’ll never look back!

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