Squeezing in pole time during the festive season

Oh lord it’s happening again folks. As I type this blog it’s 9th December and the festive season is well and truly underway. My advent calendar and bank balance are rapidly emptying, I’ve already watched Die Hard and I’m already using the “fuck it, it’s December” excuse for an increase in chocolate and whiskey consumption. And I’m loving every bloody second of it. Well, every second apart from the seconds that are keeping me from my beloved pole class!

One thing is for certain in December, and that is that as the month progresses all usual plans and scheduling are thrown into disarray, and I’m not just on about the TV schedule. Work Christmas parties, social shindigs, school productions and family visits mean that life’s regular programming is shot to shit, which as fun and exciting as that can be, gets right on your tits when it comes to fitting in some quality pole training.

Well, thankfully help is at hand everyone, as I have whipped up this rather useful (if I do say so myself) list of ways to slot some pole time into your busy December plans.

If you can’t make your usual class, see if there is another one you can attend instead

This is exactly what I’m doing both this week and next! Due to my work’s Christmas party this Thursday and The Rise of SkyWalker coming out the following Thursday (that absolutely fucking must be watched on release day as the internet is dark and full of spoilers and my husband is a massive Star Wars nerd), I cannot attend my usual beloved Intermediate Level 2 Thursday class with my pole pals. However, I have decided to pull up my brave pants and attend the Advanced class instead for the next two weeks. Will it be a mammoth struggle? Of course, but it’s getting my ass into the studio during the busiest time of the year which is what counts. The moral of the story here is don’t just assume you can’t get any pole in for a week or two if you can’t make your regular class.

If your usual studio is closed, see if another one is open!

Studios have all manner of different opening times over Christmas. Unless you’re trying to pole on Christmas Eve, Day or Boxing day, (in which case you’ll probably be shit out of luck) you will probably find a studio not too far away from you that’s open if you’re desperate to train. There’s no shame in hopping around different studios to train, so give local pole studios in your area a google if your family’s shite banter is driving you up the wall and you need a good session on the pole to de-stress.

If you can’t get to the studio, stretch!

We all complain that we never have time to stretch properly (I sure as hell do) but when you’re home for Christmas chilling in front of the TV you have all the time! For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a few days off between Christmas and New Year and haven’t crammed the festive break in with all manner of plans and activities, there’s nothing stopping you doing even 15 minutes of stretching in your Pjs in front of your favourite cheesey Christmas film. Hell, you may even pleasantly surprise your teacher when you return to class in 2020 with your new found flexibility after some Chrimbo stretching.

X-POLEDisclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Get your strength training on/switch up your classes

Now, just throwing it out there that I haven’t set foot in a gym since 2011, but quite a few million people think they’re the dogs bollocks, and I have heard from many a pole dancer how lifting weights and working on their strength in a gym helped their pole strength progression tenfold. If social media is anything to go by, gyms are often quiet during the festive period, so if pumping the old iron is your thing and you’re missing your usual exercise routine, then get to the gym and work on your strength. Or switch it up even further and try a calisthenics/ Aerial Hoop class if you’re specifically getting withdrawals from hauling yourself around.

Use your pole free time to rest and get motivated to smash the back doors off 2020

I think this is my Christmas schedule for 2019 right there. I shall be sat in my cosies, notebook in one hand and a beer in the other thoroughly enjoying plotting and planning all my pole goals for 2020. There’s a lot to be said for taking a small break to refresh ones motivation, so a proper break over the Chrimbo period might be just want you need to give yourself a running jump into 2020 on the pole front.

If you really can’t train, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT

Fuck me folk it’s the festive period after all! I’m not even going to bullshit you in any way, shape or form and will straight up admit that from 23rd-29th December I’m going to be a boozey, gluttonous human dustbin doing barely any exercise whatsoever. I may do the odd run or long walk, but that’s about it. And I’m going to love it! If you end up not poling at all over the festive season do not beat yourself up about it, as I said above, enjoy your break and prepare to annihilate 2020.

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