What pole dancers eat to smash their pole game

I have pondered on many an occasion if there is some sort of magic food that you can gobble down before pole training that will turn you into a god damn machine during a session. Seriously, if any budding Willy Wonkas out there are working on a magic chocolate bar that turns you into Felix Cane, I volunteer myself to be a taste test guinea pig for your project.

However, seeing as Willy Wonka’s magical up your pole game bar is unlikely to be invented any time soon, I took to social media to ask pole dancers from far and wide what foods they snack on before and sometimes during class that help to fuel their performance and make the most out of their training sessions.

*disclaimer –  I am not a nutritionist. These are purely the opinions and experiences of myself and other dancers. *

“Bananas!”  – Rene –  I have to say folks a good old banana was a hugely popular choice by the majority of participants in the survey for their energy boosting properties! I for one am taking note!

“Never go for South Indian food before class- learned that one the hard way!”- Rachel

“I have two classes on the same night but an hour in between, so I usually have some sort of protein shake or bar a couple of hours before the first and I have a tin of tuna handy for if I get hungry in between.” – Gayle

“Cliff Bar Peanut Butter crunch for energy. Not sure if they have these outside the USA.” – Julianne

“For spinny pole class a full tummy is a big no-no for me. I try to eat a few hours before something like oatmeal or yogurt then I eat a bigger meal after class.” – Jesseca

“Hard boiled eggs.”Mavis

“I travel around with grapes and fresh cut pineapple chunks with fresh cut ginger. Sometimes I mix in a banana or an orange. Or my little water and sugar pockets. They are bitesize, great for maintaining hydration and energy and give me time to think between moves and best of all they are light and taste lovely and refreshing.” Minnie

“Beet juice.”Sondra

“Frozen yoghurt or an  acai bowl!” Dani

“Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups.” Jillian



“A granola bar.”Celia

“Lots of water before and during class! Personally, I feel best when I’m not bloated.”Emily

“Protein shake and a banana. If I eat too heavy, I just feel sick in class.” – Helga

“Peanut butter on toast. Protein and carbs what more do you want?!”Shauna

“Either two poached eggs on a slice of brown toast, porridge with golden syrup or a protein bar!” – Emma

“Peanut butter and jam sandwich. Every time. If it’s good enough for NFL players it’s good enough for me!”- Anna

“GINGER! It stops you from vomming on the spinny pole!”Regina

“Protein balls.”Katie

“Bananas or plant-based protein powder. Or any other fruit/veg to be fair”Patricia

“Peanut butter on Ryvita! Also, avoid too much cheese!”- Dana

“Apple, bananas, grape, scotch pancakes, crackers, nuts and other small snacks. I find if I eat too much I feel really sick and get really bad acid indigestion – especially if I’m spinning.”  – Eloise

“Sometimes I drink watered down fruit juice during training instead of just water as the sugar helps me get through! Not too much beforehand though as will just have to pee!” – Kim.

“Bananas, Crab sticks and Pepperami!”- Natasha

“Bananas or a Belvita bake! I once ate a chocolate brownie and a caramel milkshake before class – do not recommend! It nearly ended up on the floor!” – Sophie

“Bourbon biscuits and vegetable samosas. Always have a litre of black tea, usually Earl Grey.”Stu

“I’m a big fan of Huel for a quick, filling shake. It’s vegan and nutritionally complete as well!”Anna

X-POLEDisclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

“It’s less about the food and more about the macros. Most people do not fuel enough or get the right ratio. The majority of folk also eat the foods that slow them down or don’t allow the energy to be sustained. We are athletes so we should focus on fuel for game changing workouts. I am dropping more info here if anyone would like help, and here is a link to my blog which may be helpful! Solid fuel changes everything about your performance.” Tracy.

“I always have a banana or two with me in class! The girls tease me for it lol. Sometimes I eat a granola bar too, I always need something in my stomach in class, just not a full out meal of course.”- Natalia

“There is this gorgeous little Café across the square from my studio they do awesome protein cakes and salads or sandwiches whole food organic and delicious. I love popping there for a quick bite before class.”Rachel

“Nuts with dried fruits. I always try to keep a stash in studio if students are hungry, then tailor it according to what people say they like or dislike. Dried mango is a huge hit, it’s the first thing gone.”Maurits

“I do intermittent fasting so most days it is green tea, but other days usually porridge.”  – Kellie Ann

“Fish and salad.”Yoshi

“Bananas and cawfeee!”Paige

“I don’t know why, but I love meatballs before class, but minimum of half hour at least beforehand.”  – Elyshia

“A slice of ham and pineapple pizza.”Kylie

“A protein yoghurt and a square of dark chocolate.”Zoe

“Coffee and dark chocolate or a big spoonful of peanut butter straight out the jar.”Jo

“Jaffa cakes.”Frankie!

“I’ve included a little bit about what I eat for pole here – and my snack of choice is totally vegan too, which was a complete accident because I wrote it before I went plant based!” Gemma

“Usually banana or protein bar of some sort. At the moment: 1kg of cake, packet of cheese and onions crisps and left over uber eats…” Emma (Sounds like a fucking quality feast if you ask me.)

“Not food, a can of monster energy drink or relentless and I’m on fire.” Gemma

“Half a Peanut Butter sandwich and avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks, they give you sweaty hands! Caffeine stimulates your adrenal glands. It is probably fine and may actually help if you tend to be dry, but I’m the complete opposite.”Linzy

“I now have a strict rule of eating 2hrs before any work out, anything later and I’ll be burping it all up during inverts! Do love an avocado and bacon sandwich at home. Or my go to comp lunch is always chicken and veg pasta, emphasis is on the chicken!” – Lilla

“Chicken soup and an electrolyte drink.”Clementina

“I eat about an hour before. My pre performance meal is; steamed salmon fillet on a bed of spinach, rocket and watercress. Raw carrot batons and a few cubes of gouda cheese. Gives me energy, doesn’t make me feel full or bloated and means I can do all my spins or inverts without feeling sick. Before class either raw carrot batons with peanut butter dip or a banana and a coconut latte.”  – Claire

“Banana and a small carb hit like crackers. Gives me lots of energy and staves off nausea.”Gabrielle

“Black coffee and a banana.”Claire

“I don’t tend to eat before class but a banana would be best source of energy for me.”Frankie

“The other week, we were actually eating chips during the warmup of our pole flow class and we sit there doing flexibility whilst eating chocolate. Also Red Bull and party rings.” – Cat and Lynx

“Pasta! And I make my own pasta sauce in bulk loaded with goodness. It’s got the usual roasted tomatoes, red pepper, garlic and roasted onion. But I also add roasted butternut squash as I put it in everything as I love it, but I recently learnt it’s higher in potassium than bananas so good pre workout food. I also add peas too as they are high in protein. Then the cold fighting food: honey, fresh lemon juice, chilli & fuck loads of fresh sage as I have a sage bush in my garden that’s taken over and if I don’t use it it may consume one of my cats. Roast the butternut and peppers first as they take longer to cook. Then thrown in the tomatoes, garlic and onions about 20 mins before you take it all out the oven. I then add all the herbs etc and the peas to a jug of boiling stock to cook the peas, do that while the veg is roasting. Then throw it all in the blender and I pulse it for a good 2 minutes. I’ve stopped buying jarred sauces now as it’s just so good!” –  Baldy

“A nut based protein bar.”Emma

“I just split by dinner as poles at 7pm. Half before and half after then I am also not too full to stretch. Although everyone does look at me like I’m crazy eating before stretch class!”- Clare

“Sugar free Monster (bad) and protein cookies from Lenny & Larry’s (good!)” Jojo

“Peanut butter on toast or crackers or just cake!”- Carol

“Haribo Starmix.” – Ting

“Chocolate!” Dan


“I used to have a subway before class each week!”Chelsea

“Usually something with rice or peanuts.”Suzie

“Patron!” Taylor

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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