When life gets in the way of pole part two

Oh bloody hell it’s happened again. After months of regular training twice (sometimes three) times per week, my life has got massively in the way of any pole dancing whatsoever.

As per usual, I’m going to be real with you all and say that this was partly unavoidable and partly my own doing (well, technically all my own doing if you think about it, but you get what I mean). The unavoidable part being my husband, dog and I are currently in the process of selling and buying a house and shit the bed it has been one of the most stressful experiences of my life. It’s a fuckload more stressful than wedding planning ever was and is on par with the time I simultaneously studied and worked full time. I won’t bore you all with a great list of details, but will say that the whole putting your house on the market, cleaning it to within an inch of its life for viewings, trying to find a house to buy then dealing with all manner of solicitors and estate agents is enough to drive this poor cow round the twist. Naturally, the whole rigmarole around the moving process has massively eaten in to a hefty chunk of my training time, and when I do have any free time I’m often far too knackered to even get off the sofa and forage some snacks from the kitchen, which is the sorry state I was in last night.

However, as mentioned previously I said I was going to be completely up front with you all, so here goes…I have also not been at pole as much because I have been out on the piss and socialising. And I will not be shamed for it. We have been cooped up inside for months and I have full on leapt at the chance to socialise at actual pubs and parties again with my pals. Have I drank too much recently that it’s resulted in a few ghastly hangovers? Yes. Am I 31 now so  my hangovers go on for three days and feel like my soul, organs and every fiber of my being is leaving my body in the most painful way possible? Fuck yes. Have these hangovers meant that my sorry arse has not made it to practice on a Sunday because I can’t get off the sofa/toilet? I don’t even think I need to answer that one.

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As you can tell from the two paragraphs above, my once meticulous lockdown training schedule that was generating progression after progression (lol remember my tidy aerial shoulder mount and splits touchdown?) has been blown to smithereens. If you’re one of those pole dancers who has got stronger than steel discipline and has managed to maintain and even build on your lockdown training schedule even after our freedoms have been slowly returned, I fucking salute you, because that sure as hell hasn’t been me.

One thing is for certain here though, this small break from training has made me really miss it big time. Hell, I have even missed the torture that is flexibility classes. I’ve missed that feeling of smashing that nemesis move you have been trying to achieve for ages, sharing your struggles with your pole pals and I have especially missed getting my heels and skimpiest pole outfit on and just plain feeling my oats when dancing. And I have missed all this far more than I was expecting too.

As much as I love being sociable, and shit the bed I am not going to lie and say I’ll never go down the pub again, I do think it’s time for me to re-evaluate my priorities. I won’t be able to train like I did in lockdown, as that’s just plain unfeasible in terms of having that much free time again, but I can adjust shit and make space in my new routine to prioritise training and try to strike a more harmonious balance between pole dancing, flexibility training and letting my hair down once in a while.

When we have moved into the new gaff and settled in, I cannot wait to get my colouring pencils out  and set up a colour coordinated training schedule (I had one back in the first lockdown and it was lush) and sort out just what classes and practice sessions I can attend. Although seeing as house moves take a fucking age to complete, I’m still going to make the most of training time when I can. By some miracle I have a free evening tonight, so you can fucking bet that I’m off to the pole studio and am thoroughly looking forward to an arse kicking from my awesome Instructor Eloise.

Anyhow, that’s this week’s rant about how my house move/being out on the piss has stopped me pole dancing and made me a right moody bitch in the process. If you can relate to this in any way, shape or form, let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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