A sunday bumday special Pole Boxx – gifted review

After having reviewed my first Pole Boxx back in August 2020 (click here to give that wee blog a read), I was both chuffed to bits and intrigued when the team over at Pole Boxx HQ asked me to review their Sunday Bumday themed Boxx. It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of all things Sunday Bumday, so was more than happy to get a whole box of booty related goodies to (quite literally for some) sink my teeth into. But how does one encapsulate the very essence of Sunday Bumday in a box? Well, by including the items below of course!

Peachy Keen Vegan sweets

Shit the bed these were delicious! I have been a veggie for the past four years and as much as I have no intentions of ever eating meat again, I have missed the odd Haribo Tangfastic occasionally, especially those fucking sexy cherry ones. So to finally get my chops around some vegan chewy sweets (which taste as delicious if not nicer than Tangfastics themselves) for the first time in years was an utter delight. Thank you so much to Pole Boxx for introducing these sweets into my life!

Bella Forever Peach Bellini Booty Mask

Well, like an absolute dickhead I well and truly fucked this up and yes, you have permission to laugh at me here. On the instructions for making the mask, it states, “combine the powder with just enough water to make a smooth, thick paste” not, “pour 300ml of water into a mixing jug, add the water and hope for the best,” which is what this wally right here did. Why common sense didn’t prevail in my brain (it rarely does to be fair) and I decided not to add the powder to the jug and then slowly add the water in to create a paste I don’t know, but sadly, due to reaching the age of 31 and not understanding basic, primary school level science principles, I am unable to review the Peach Bellini Booty mask from Bella Forever, what a tit.

X-POLEDisclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase.

All I can say however (which is always a big win as far as I’m concerned) is that this mask is both vegan and cruelty free and from a small business, which are three things we should all be supporting as much as we can. Also when making this mask do not copy your girl right here and pour in far too much water! Decant the powder into your jug and/or mixing bowl first then slowly add in water.

10% off Xana Pole wear

Hey, who doesn’t appreciate a good discount? I’m a proud tight arse, so any opportunity to save a few quid here and there is a win for me. Xana  stock a huge variety of different pole dance goodies, from pole outfits and Pleasers right through to grip aids and yoga blocks. You can even find a Magnesium Foot and Body Soak on their website! Basically, you have a wide range of pole dance paraphernalia to treat yourself to on Xana, so a 10% off voucher for that website is a pretty tidy gift.

FuturiZmdancebandz 2 Garter Bands

I never knew I needed a shiny, rainbow butt hammock in my life until I tried these on, and holy shit what a revelation that was. These rainbow, scale patterned garter bands have a lush, shiny texture, are very comfy and as previously mentioned add a sexy hammock/framing effect to your butt. The garters fit like a glove and are the perfect blend of not too loose nor too tight or pinchy either, so that’s a double win. Also, if shiny rainbow isn’t quite your style, the garters are fully reversible, so can be worn as a matte black pair too.

Now, to double check that you can dance in these, I gave them a test run at my homie Patricia’s low flow class, to see if they’re tough enough to dance in, which they most definitely are. They do occasionally get slightly twisted around when moving, but it’s nothing noticeable. Other than getting slightly twisted every so often, they do not budge, get in the way and most importantly did not fall down once. I also received plenty of compliments from my class pals on them, which is always a good sign.

Half Moon Creative Art Sunday Bumday Sticker

Now this is cute as hell! This dinky sticker of a butt framed with colourful flowers lead me to discover the Etsy account  Halfmoon Creative Art, which is the perfect stop for all pole and aerial illustrated gifts. As previously mentioned, it’s always a good idea to support a small business, and Halfmoon Creative have tons of bespoke illustrations ranging from greetings cards to phone cases, stickers, t-shirt designs and everything in between! Thank you very much Pole Boxx for introducing me to Halfmooon, who I will without a doubt be using in the future.

Snag Tights Fishnet Mock Garters

Oh now these bad boys had me living my Kitty Velour, stripper style fantasy big time! They were so exciting that my dog was even intrigued by them, and in all my years of being a dog mother I have never known a pooch get excited over a pair of rhinestone, fishnet tights, so these are clearly pretty special. Just like the garters, these are very comfy and the rhinestone gems make these a great choice to wear for a performance, as they will be perfect for catching the light. These tights are very versatile and could easily also been worn at a festival (sparkles and all that jazz) and in the bedroom, as they’re crotchless and make your butt look straight up fire.

After noticing that a few of the rhinestone gems did ping off when I initially tried them on at home, I thought it best to also try these out at Patricia’s Low Flow class to really put them through their paces. Whilst they were very sturdy to dance in in terms of not slipping, moving or falling down, they were a tad fiddly to put on as the legs kept twisting around themselves, but after a few turns inside out they were fine and on within five minutes. The gems do dig in slightly during certain floorwork moves that require leg pressure on the floor, but other than that they were ace and made me feel quite extra. Please note that I didn’t try any tricks or moves up the pole in these tights that would have required knee grip, so can’t comment on their ability to stick onto the pole.

Overall Pole Boxx have succeeded in creating a box which is great value for money (the whole box above is just £19.99) and managed to work their creative magic to create a Boxx which was suitably Sunday Bumday themed too. Do check out their website https://www.poleboxx.co.uk/ if you’re interested in subscribing to see what goodies are in their eco-friendly, vegan boxes!

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