I’m trying to get my Ayesha and am ending up in a right bloody mess

Me Ayesha

Dearest, wonderful readers of Chrome Chronicles, if anyone out there has any tips on how to nail a perfect Ayesha can you please make them known to me, as I am currently training to achieve this move and ending up a bit of a fucking calamity in the process.

I have always loved an Ayesha ever since I first started pole, as it’s one of those classic, badass moves that really stuck out to me as looking incredible. The sheer strength and power it takes to hold oneself up using just your arms and core was enough to win my innocent, newbie poler self over alone, however when my love for exotic and stripper style pole fully took hold was when the Ayesha really got the old titties tingling. Watching the exotic and stripper style queens bust out cracking Ayesha’s in heels with lush wavy legs, on both static and spinny pole solidified the move as one that I was determined to nail one day in the old pole journey!

Recently, I felt as though the time to put on my big girl pole pants and tackle the Ayesha beast had finally arrived. First off, it doesn’t look like an overly painful trick and I’m a massive wimp when it comes to the real painful bastards, so I’ll always opt for a less agonising trick to train. We have started looking at Ayesha’s in class and I feel pretty confident with my D (giggity), Extended Butterfly, Aerial Invert and Shoulder Mount, so I gathered that busting out a fully formed Ayesha would be achieved in no time at all.


I don’t know what it is about the fucker, but whenever I attempt the trick my arms turn into limp, soggy noodles and my core manages to transform itself into a useless trifle. I invert into a Crucifix all fine and dandy, place my arms in the correct, strong position all ready to go and stick my ass out in the standard Caterpillar position. Feeling strong and steady, it’s time to take the plunge and slowly but surely ease my legs off the pole.


No sooner does the tiniest fucking square inch of toe leave the pole and everything on my body starts to feel as strong and stable as the UK government right now. My core at that precise moment decides to pack its bags and go on holiday, my arms forget how to work and all in all everything just becomes one monumental fail. What I thought would be a relatively attainable move for me has turned into more of a mystery than how the hell Piers Morgan has managed to land himself a wife. After repeating said wobbling fiasco about four times I get off the pole, sulk like a right dickhead then move on and try something else. Hmph.

So after those 480 words of whinging above, if anyone has any tips or advice for how to nail a solid Ayesha (I promise to post about it if I ever achieve one), please drop them in the comments!


  1. How are you trying to get into it? I have always had the most success from a “D” and then open your legs (giggity) because that way your butt is already way out back and you have an easier time balancing than trying to get into it from a caterpillar. If that makes sense…


  2. You need to get your body vertical, and then angle your legs and torso so you are forming more of a pointy “D” shape.
    It took me forever to understand that my body was not vertical when I tried to let my legs go. Even after seeing it in video, still took a few months after to get it.


  3. Try it from a basic invert, then putting your hands in a basic grip (same way you would for butterfly), slowly lower the legs towards the chest with you shins still on the pole. Do this lowering until your thighs make a 90 degree angle with the pole. It is ideal for your body to make a triangle, helps with balance. You have to ALWAYS have a hollow body and engage your core when doing this. Remove the legs in a wide v shape, again at a 90 degree angle with your body. If the legs are too low or too high you will lose balance. If feel like you’re going to fall either cartwheel out or hook a leg into a leg hang.
    Sorry I tried my best to explain.
    It’s most important to send your butt face away from the pole, actively doing hollow body, and having your legs at a 90 degree angle


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