The great flexibility quest part four – getting bloody motivated!

The great Foxen vs flexibility quest has officially hit a new battle- the battle for fucking motivation. If I’m going to be honest with myself, I definitely have the time to fit in two 45 minute stretch sessions per week, however the motivation I have to actually get off my arse and get the stretching done is a whole different kettle of fish. My usual methods just weren’t cutting it and up until last Friday I was finding any excuse to stay in my pjs, under a blanket on the sofa with a pot of olives and the TV.

Well not any more! I asked the wise members of the pole community and beyond for their top tips on how to get motivated to get your flex on, so if you too are struggling to find motivation to get bending then look no further!

We go on Instagram, watch Michelle Shimmy & Maddie Sparkle’s videos and it spurs us on to get stretching. Mostly we fit it into our daily routine. One or two stretches every hour doesn’t seem like an effort. – CL Raven.

I either; drag my ass to a fun class that includes flex work (BodyBalance does it for me at the minute)or stretch while I’m watching TV in the evening, which is just time I’d spend knitting any way, so I might as well do something productive.” – Emma Ayres

Find a cute pose on Instagram to recreate! Then once you’re already warmed up and doing something active you’re much more likely to want to keep going. Ooh and also plan in shorter sessions (like 5-10 mins). I usually get an all or nothing mentality and can’t bring myself to start a 30+ min stretching regime, even just 5-10 mins is useful and sometimes you feel like carrying on, and other times you don’t and that’s still way better than doing nothing.” – Amy May

I think about all the times I’ve been unable to stretch or train active flex, due to general crappy joints pain or injury, lack of time/space etc, which helps remind me to take advantage of the times I actually can train. Also looking back at old photos/videos of myself and realising how much easier movement and shapes are to create and sustain with increased range.” – Sarah Blackmilk

I know it sounds dumb, but I think – just fucking do it. I’ve looked up a few videos by trusted polers mentioned above, and I try to include a 10-min stretch routine into my day everyday as part of my home poling warm-up. When I can’t be arsed, I think of how good it’s been for me: I now touch the floor on my front right split and my box split, and my jade and lines in general has improved so much. Once you see the improvement you become addicted!” – Blogger on Pole

Mix it up and try new stretches – YouTube can be a really good resource. Work in some mobility moves/drills to help your joints and muscles feel really activated and juicy. Set a time limit! See if you can commit to 30 mins instead of the whole evening.” – Dree Simone.

Yoga!” – Jed

I wear comfy clothes and put on some chilled music, I try and focus on the music and breathing more than the stretching and find it really relaxing.” – Ava Hennessy

I just think to myself do I want to get better/more flexible or do I want to stay the same/go backwards? That usually motivates me to get my ass to training.” – Eloise Comer

I feel that loosing flex gains is more depressing than having to train flex when I don’t feel like it. So I haul my ass up and get onto it. The stretching is always good, just the bloody warm up I mope and pout through.” – Jamie Taylor.

Discipline! When I work out how to get some I’ll let you know!” – Anna Frost

I think what would Jean Claude Van Damme do.” – Dan.

Hot yoga. With a yonks years old back injury and the worst house maids knee you’ve ever heard creak, hot yoga is the only thing that keeps me remotely bendy.” – Tracy.

I know I have to stretch down after I go to the gym, so I just make sure I have enough time to stretch a bit more than one usually would after exercise and incorporate active flexibility training at the end of my session.” – Lilla.

I put some music on and that sets me off in the mood usually.” – Natasha.

Write down a plan including warm up ideas. Plan to train with a person. Train to get/stay warm both before or after teaching.” – Rachael Robbins

I’m probably alone on this one but I do it after my physio in the gym as a treat to myself. Sounds weird I know but with dysplasia I am limited to the stretching I can do and I’m not allowed to do a lot any more. Being honest, I miss it like you wouldn’t even believe! So I’ve found that I am now strong enough to pancake again (but no front splits) so pancake stretches are the treat to myself for finishing my physio and gym workouts.”– Dominique Stagg

Well, if that list of tips from some pretty bendy wendys doesn’t get you motivated I don’t know what will! I shall try out all the tips and report back on which ones worked best for me.

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